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OK, here we go.  One always hears in the news about partisanship and how it’s so horrible.  Party line vote, Obstructionist, Party of “no”, etc.

Here’s the thing:  I WANT partisanship in Washingon.

When I help elect a person to a seat, be it through only my vote, or if I donate money, times, canvassing, whatever, I feel that person reflects my values as close as they can.  Most of the time, I actually vote FOR someone, rather than against the Other Guy.

The last thing I want is for that person that I invested time, money, or anything else in, is to compromise the principles that I elected them for.  There ARE stark differences in the parties, regardless of what Libertarians might want you to believe.

I come from a position of wanting smaller Government, less Washington interference in our daily lives.  All of those things mean less taxes, smaller programs.   If I help elect a Congressman to live to those ideals, the LAST thing I want them to do is compromise them away.

I understand that no candidate will ever be 100% what I want.  But when one campaigns, for example, on wanting to lower taxes 10% across the board, and then ‘compromises’ on letting the taxes rise by 5%, that is NOT what I think compromise is. 

Everyone, no matter who they are, has core principles on which they will not compromise.  Some things are negoitiable.  Core values are not.

What I want to see is the Republicans in Washington get a firm grasp on what we voters believe are the core principles, and act as partisan, obstructionist, or generally onery as all get-out in order to  defeat things I do not believe in.

In this light, the upcoming “Health Care Summit,” to be televised LIVE:  On CSPAN!, is nothing more than more Kabuki Theater.  The President, and his allies in Government such as Pelosi, Reid, and others, want more than their own souls Single Payer Health Care in this country.

Now, if you think Single Payer would be the greatest thing ever, and how THIS time it will be different than every other time it has been adapted in this world, then please let me know, and CONVINCE me I am wrong.  I want nothing to do with it right now.  And no matter what passes the House, or the Senate, or what wording they use, or how they name it, IT ALL LEADS TO SINGLE PAYER HEALTH CARE.  Public Option, Insurance Exchange, whatever you call it, it means the END of what we have now, at least eventually.

For this reason, I want my Senators, Congress-people, and other representatives to be as partisan as possible in slowing, stopping, and killing this sort of Freedom killing legislation from ever seeing the light of day.

Written by James Lee

February 21, 2010 at 21:20

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