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After the devastating earthquake in Chile, Farrakhan speak out:

I wonder how quickly the rest of the media will jump on this to condemn it?  From the article, the specific remarks are at least comparable if not as specific as Pat Robertson’s concerning the Haiti quake.

Both Robertson and Farrakhan have every right to speak their minds on pretty much any subject they wish.  That is our right as Americans.  The right to speak, however, does not provide immunity from the consequences of that speech.

The public and the media from all sides and ideologies would do well to remember that.

And for anyone who wants to call me out for not posting about Robertson, you will note that by the dates on this blog that I was not writing at that time.  So for the record, I also thought Robertson was over the line, in presuming to know the mind of God.

Written by James Lee

March 1, 2010 at 10:07

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