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For anyone who doesn’t know, I live the Kansas City Mo area.  There is currently a hot crime topic around here, that being the so-called Waldo Rapist.

Now, for me, there is almost no crime that is worse that rape.  If a woman is raped, she must deal with it, and live with the physical and emotional trauma that must cause.  For her family and friends, they must also live with what has happened to her.  I suspect that many in her family must in some fashion blame themselves for not helping her to avoid the event, or at least I would.  I think that if the Wonderful MrsJamesLee were to be assaulted in that way, I would probably end up in prison faster that the suspected rapist would, because I would move heaven and earth for vengeance.

In this particular case, the race baiting is coming out.  All five victims recall:

about 6 feet tall, 250 pounds and bald with pitted cheeks, possibly from acne scars. Some victims said the rapist had bad breath and smelled like smoke or exhaust fumes.

Read more: KC police think sexual assault in Armour Hills was the fifth by Waldo-area rapist –

With another incident following a few days ago:

There’s a lot more to this story that came out later than that article, but as I understand it, the “civilian” in question spotted an individual who he felt matched the description and composite picture of the suspected rapist.  He dialed 9-1-1 on his cell, and followed the suspect, updating police on his location.  In Kansas City KS, the suspect pulled over, exited his vehicle, and shot at the “civilian.”  I have heard and/or read elsewhere as well the shooter had an arrest record and outstanding warrants, but eventually did not match the description of the rapist (apologies if some details are not accurate).

Now, all of a sudden, every single black male in the Kansas City area is under investigation, with a “scarlet letter” on them.  Today, “black leaders” are demanding action on the “vigilantism” of “Patrick,” who did his citizen’s duty in being vigilant and attempting to assist police in apprehending a person who could have been a violent criminal:

OK, now that all the setup is there, let me begin my rant.

It is NOT a case of racism when a person is described as a “black male.”  It is nothing more than a description, just like if someone is described as having blonde hair or walks with a limp.  It makes me sick to my stomach that certain people are more inclined to find some sort of racial injustice than a desire to get a sick SOB off the streets and behind bars where he belongs before he can assault another innocent victim.  I would feel the same way if the suspect were black, white, or green or freaking purple, I want him OFF THE STREETS.

I will give credit to Alonzo Washington for his work on the Precious Doe case.  For those that don’t know, Precious Doe was a very young (5-7 years?) girl whose decapitated body was found in a Kansas City Park.  Many years later, after exhaustive research to even identify the poor girl, it was found her mother and the mother’s boyfriend ‘accidentally’ killed her, and they came from Oklahoma to Kansas City to hide the remains and avoid capture.  Washington deserves credit for his efforts to keep this story alive and in the papers to eventually get the tip that was needed to bring the killers to justice, and yes, they were Black.  (Web Search it, I’m working off memory here!)

But Mister Washington, and any others associated with the letter cited above:  Just because a black man is suspected of a crime does not make that investigation automatically racist.  You of all people should understand the people of all colors, creeds, background, religions, sexual orientations (did I leave anyone out?) , can commit horrible acts of crime and violence against their fellow humans.  All that we can ask is everyone’s help in bringing those criminals to justice.  Otherwise, we are all in danger.

Written by James Lee

March 1, 2010 at 22:00

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