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Update to Scary Night

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To update on the Beloved Lhasa, he is doing much better.  True to the vet’s suggestion, as well as most of what I had read about it, he started showing improvements within about a day and a half, and Saturday afternoon showed vast improvement.

Sat afternoon he was able to pretty much stand fairly steady, but still even today has some wobble and uncertainty when trying to walk.  Two things I considered a huge leap in the right direction was walking to and drinking from his own water bowl (previously, we had held a short cup up to him so he could get a drink), and actually eating something, which he hadn’t done since the onset Thursday night.

Even so, he still seems to have trouble focusing on where he wants to go, and will get himself turned around, unsteady, and bumping into things.  But as he has always been, he seems just stubborn enough that when he loses his balance and falls over, he will get right back up and keep at it, at least until he is totally exhausted.  He did spend a good amount of time outside today, and seemed to enjoy trying to find his usual marking spots.

Lhasas are not normally a very active breed to begin with, which is what makes them good house and apartment dogs.  Generally they only require about 45 mins or so per day of activity, and tend to spend the rest of day guarding that spot on the couch.  B.L. has been known, however, to come up with just insane bursts of energy, and if he can’t get outside to run around, he’ll end up doing wind sprints between the bedroom and the kitchen, where he’ll stop on the rug/mat at the door and slide into the wall.  Then pick himself up and do it again.

I am praying that soon he will be back to at least a semblance of that normalcy soon.

Written by James Lee

March 7, 2010 at 16:25

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