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A Good Start

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A little bit of good news from House GOP:

Definitely taking the first steps of a hard, long journey.  In reality, ‘earmark’ pork spending on bridges to nowhere and traffic lights in Terre Haute are a very small fraction of the massive spending done by the federal government.  But it is often the most visible, and therefore the most outrageous examples of quid-pro-quo and political backscratching on our dime.

If the Republicans can hold this resolution together, permanently, it will definitely give them a campaign issue advantage with those of us on the Right side of the spectrum, and may even pull in some fiscally conservative Democrats (or is that DemocratICS? I can never remember).

I just hope that the Republicans remember this, and it’s up to us to remind them and hold their feet to the fire afterwards.  Then we can get started on serious budget-cutting and dismantling of out-of-control programs and spending.

Written by James Lee

March 11, 2010 at 12:57

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