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A Dark Day in America

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House Democrats last night delivered a very hard body blow to the concept of freedom and liberty. I am of course, talking about the Health Care bill passed entirely by the Democrats.

With this new monstrous package becoming law, likely later this week, our health industry will no longer function as it does.  Prices will go up, doctors and other professionals will leave the system, and the government will mandate how a private insurance company does business like very few other things in this nation.  Never has such a draconian change been forced on the citizens of this country by so few in a minority.

By any measure, an overwhelming majority of Americans did not want this.  Yet, the Democrats pulled every stop they could, right, wrong, or shady, in order to usher this to the finish line.  Mark my words, statist liberals, we will remember this in the fall.

Of course, as I’ve said all along, this is not about providing health care, or insurance, or controlling prices.  This is about naked, blatant control.  I also believe that with the President’s obvious low opinion of the United States, the Coward and Piven strategy is fully in play.  (For those that don’t know, that involves overloading existing systems, causing an internal collapse of government.  When that happens, those that caused the collapse will be free to impose their own will.)  With the projected spending involved in this, the nation can not last much longer.

This fight is not over.  Several states are lined up to file lawsuits against the mandates imposed with this.  I expect the legal fight to drag on for quite some time, possibly winding up with the Supreme Court.  Never in our history has there been anything mandated about requiring purchase of a product as a prerequisite to citizenship, and that’s exactly what this does.

Barring all else, there is also the slight, outside chance that this could repealed by a future congress.  I doubt it would happen after the elections this fall, as there is no way the Republicans can end up with two-thirds of the Senate, which would be required to overturn a Obama Veto.  Unless the new taxes coming immediately without providing service angers enough people, that several Democrat Senators could go along with repeal.

You know what you have to do, people.  Get out there, work with your Congressional candidates.  Donate, both time and money.  Write letters, make phone calls.  We have to take things back, as soon as possible.

Written by James Lee

March 22, 2010 at 10:41

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