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As If We Don’t Have Enough To Worry About

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I was floored by a campaign ad that a few moments ago was played on Kansas City’s KMBZ.  As I listened, I swore that it must be some sort of joke, or schtick.  Afterwards, after giving a phone number, website, and the “I approve of this message” tag, the station  added that they were required by campaign laws to carry the ad, but did not necessarily agree with it.

It would appear that we have a Neo Nazi pushing for a write-in campaign for the Missouri US Senate seat being vacated by the retiring Christopher Bond.  I checked the website just to see what the hades was this all about.  The watermark/background, and the mouse pointer are Confederate Battle Flags.  Links at this site include the WPP, and Stormfront.  Along with a lengthy diatribe about how a certain type of person controls the media, and photos of a certain type of marching parade/protest with a less-than-popular (or accepted in polite society) group.

Now, just as I have previously said in regards to the dirtbag Fred Phelps, this individual is certainly entitled to their opinion.  And they are perfectly free to run for any office they choose, espousing whatever beliefs they wish, provided they meet the constitutional requirements of that office.  I will not, nor would I ever, demand that this person drop their candidacy, or take down their website.  Freedom means freedom for all.  Just because I don’t agree with their opinion, and actually happen to think it’s just plain hateful and crazy, does not negate the freedom to express it.

I’ll be damned, however, if I’m going to name their name, or link to their site.  (Yeah, like I’m suddenly some internet media mogul!  lol)  You want to see this stuff, internet search engines are your friend.

Written by James Lee

March 22, 2010 at 20:32

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