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A Little Tree Trimming

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From the AP:

CHICAGO (AP) – The once mighty community activist group ACORN announced Monday it is folding amid falling revenues – six months after video footage emerged showing some of its workers giving tax tips to conservative activists posing as a pimp and prostitute.

From the tiny ACORN comes the mighty…. Well, maybe not.

We have to give thanks to James O’Keefe and Hannah Giles for having the courage and motivation to persue this story, and Andrew Brietbart for bringing it to light.

However, don’t think this battle is over. By several accounts, all that is folding is the national organization. Most of the local chapters still exist, still have the same people, perform the same tasks as before. Many have simply renamed themselves. And if anyone thinks there is not any sort of national coordination going on, you are likely sadly mistaken.

With upcoming midterm elections starting to take shape, and by all accounts will be a very contentious fight, don’t expect the lefties to just give us this ground. They will still be out there, using every tool they can, including the remnants of ACORN, to gin up support, raise money, and swell the rolls with new registrants.

Keep your eyes open, and let us all know if you see any kind of shady behavior.

Written by James Lee

March 23, 2010 at 08:49

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