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Narrative Of The Left

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By now you have all heard about the so-called ‘violence’ committed by Tea Party protesters over the last week. Politicians are quickly running to the nearest camera to whine about being threatened in the wake of passing the massive takeover of Health Control last week.

A year ago, when the Tea Party protests first started, the left started to downplay them as much as possible. Word spread around the airwaves and the internet to have a nation wide gathering in hundreds of communities on April 15, obviously being symbolic of the tax due date. Practically on the eve of that date, the Department of Homeland Security releases a report about so-called Right Wing Extremism, focusing on people dissatisfied with the direction our government is going, former military members, and anyone with third-party or protest-type stickers on their cars (the Don’t Tread On Me Flag, for example).

You will not convince me that report was not released to coincide with the protests. Perhaps people heard about it in the snippets of evening news they pay attention to (honestly, I don’t know if the main networks covered it, I never watch them and really don’t care what they do or do not cover), and thought ‘Oh, Joe at work said he was going to that, but if they are extremists, maybe I better not!’ But whether it affected turnout or not, it started the Narrative.

On Tax Day, thousands, if not millions (but definitely more than the dozens the media tend to report) showed up, carrying signs, chanting slogans, getting their voices heard. Many for the first time in their lives were expressing their opinions in an open and peaceful way. The media, however, did all they could to focus on the few Nazi references, interview the one nutcase in the crowd, in an attempt to paint the entire group with one brush.

Protesters did not fall for it. I myself have not as yet attended a gathering, though I may this year. But I suspect the negative coverage did more to steel the resolve of freedom-loving Americans than to discourage people from speaking out. I know that’s how I feel, at least.

One thing has been pointed out at most of these protests: They clean up their own trash. Last year, KMBZ’s Darla Jaye attended and spoke at the protest in Johnson County Kansas. She has said repeatedly that after the several thousand left the area, not one piece of trash, such as cups, wrappers, flyers, etc, was left on the ground. Personally, I find that sort of amazing, if true; you can’t even go into a parking lot of a local store without seeing flyers blowing around, and soda cans crushed by tires. Really sounds like a group that wants to stir up trouble and be violent, eh? I’ve heard the same thing occurred last weekend in Washington DC, that the last chant of the day was “Pick Up Your Trash.”

In contrast, here is a photo of the National Mall after the inauguration last year:

So, the Narrative is set, the Tea Party Protesters are violent right-wing extremist racists who only protest because they hate a black man being president. And the ‘stories’ told seem to back that up.

Case in point being the so-called spitting incident involving Missouri’s own Representative Cleaver. Supposedly, as he was walking by the crowd, someone spit on him. By the best analysis of the video, from several different angles, it appears what was first reported as “spit” was in reality a case of “Say it, Don’t Spray It,” and in all likelihood completely unintentional, perhaps even the man didn’t realize it. So while technically correct, in the fact that a man’s spittle landed on Cleaver, the headline “Cleaver Spat Upon” conjures up the image of a dirty ol’ redneck rearin’ back and letting one fly.

Also at question is the reports from Representative Lewis being referred to by a racial slur. Well, I wasn’t there, so I will never know for sure what was or was not said, but it’s pretty interesting that no one has the slur on video, or audio. We are supposed to just trust the words of the victims, right?

Apparently, that’s how the Kansas City Star comes up with their editorial last week, emphasis mine:

•Kansas City’s Rep. Emanuel Cleaver, a Democrat, was spat upon. This happened, despite claims from disbelievers.

•Cleaver and Rep. John Lewis, a Georgia Democrat, both were called “niggers” by protesters. It’s appallingly ugly language. Actual words matter, which is why we won’t soften the offense with a shorthand version. This slur should never be heard, and no member of Congress should be subjected to it.

•Protesters called Rep. Barney Frank, a Massachusetts Democrat, “faggot” as he approached the Capitol. Again, unacceptable language for legitimate public debate.

•At least a couple of tea partiers brandished bright yellow signs with the words “Warning: If Brown can’t stop it, a Browning can.”

Read more:

VERY STRONG DISCLAIMER: The above text was copied directly from the Kansas City Star’s online web site in accordance with my understanding of Fair Use rules of copy written material. In any case, there was no manipulation of the text or wording, only the emphasis in the first line, by me. All words are as they appear in both the online and printed versions of the Star, and any complaints of offensive words should be directed to them. Thank you. And of course, as always, I would encourage you to read the entire artcle for yourself.

Note how they take the ‘facts’ without any sort of proof, even chiding anyone who dares to disagree with the learned editorial board. Also note the lack of presumed-innocent taglines. You can’t hear a story about police catching a bank robber in the act without every reference to the bank robber be “alleged robber” or “suspect in the holdup.” Hell, even Reuters news service wanted to insist the September 11th murderous TERRORISTS be refered to as “alleged hijackers.” But no, those redneck racist sexistbigothomophobe Tea Party Extremists are all crazy anyways, right, so we won’t even bother with giving them same courtesy as other known terrorists.

And, by the way, I could have cut out that last line about the yellow sign with firearms references. The editorial goes on to say that “This threat deserves prosecution.” Funny, I don’t remember a large clarion call for prosecuting those threatening the life of President Bush, specifically, from signs, to burning in effigy, to flat-out verbal threats. Does anyone remember Senator John Kerry giving a specific threat to go to 1600 Pennsylvania Ave to kill one bird and solve the problem during an appearance on HBOs “Real Time?” For what its worth, protest signs with suggestions of firearms, while not in most cases actually being a specific threat, in my opinion are in poor taste, with the result being more fodder for the Narrative.

And, I see this morning from the AP about the protest yesterday in Searchlight, Nevada, Senator Reid’s hometown. Sarah Palin spoke to a large crowd, as people came from miles around. But the AP just couldn’t resist playing into the Narrative, could they?

Conservative columnist Andrew Breitbart disputed accounts that tea party activists in Washington shouted racial epithets at black members of Congress amid the health care debate, although he didn’t provide any evidence.

Number one, you idiots, Andrew Breitbart is not the one here making accusations about behavior in Washington. Breitbart is in fact trying to prove the incident happened by offering twenty thousand dollars for any video or audio proof that it did indeed happen. Thus far, not a single person has come forward to claim that money. Either no one needs and extra twenty grand to spend in this booming economy, or such a tape does not exist.

And Number Two, in this country one is presumed innocent until proven guilty. What that means is that the accuser is the one to provide proof.

So the next time you see and hear about all those violent extremists, please consider these things. The politicians and the media have gone to great lengths to see the Narrative played out, and make us the bad guys here. As I learned long ago with any news account, always read the whole story, and found out what is not in the story. Then you might have a little better grasp on how things really are.

Written by James Lee

March 28, 2010 at 17:06

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