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Terrorist Arrests

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Here is one of several stories out about the weekend raids and arrests of an extremist militia group around Michigan.

A few thoughts on that. It would appear from the accounts that law enforcement acted on credible intelligence. It seems this group was doing more that just collecting firearms and playing survivalist, they appear to have been actively planning violence.

I look at this no differently than using credible intelligence to arrest and break up jihadist terrorist plots. If you are planning on using force, firepower, and explosives, I don’t care what your motivation is. It is the same, in my opinion, and should not be permitted in a civilized society.

This is not to say there is never any justification for the citizenry to rise up in defiance of a tyrannical government. In fact, that is how we became the nation we are. However, I think we are currently still a long ways from that, there are many other avenues to obtain redress of our grievances.

Things in the government are not good right now. But conspiring to “wage war” is not going to help things at this point. This will be just one more way the leftists in the Administration will feed the Narrative.

Please people, we may be living in interesting times, but keep your heads together and let us all educate ourselves and fight within the system. November will be here before we know it, and I suspect the American people will be sending a very loud message at that time.

Written by James Lee

March 29, 2010 at 11:46

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