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Screencap of the Century

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Via Newsbusters, this bit of comedy gold:

Kind of falls under the category of DUH.

Look, we can take sides on the new Arizona law. My understanding is that it makes what is already a crime by Federal law also a crime by State Law. And reasonable people can disagree whether it will be an open invitation by police to start racially profiling. Fact remains however, that the border should have been enforced and locked down a long time ago.

But for MS-NBC to put this wording on the screen just reeks of outright patronizing and stupidity. I think it shows just what they think of you, and how stupid they think you are. Obviously, the reaction they want is for you to shake your fist and say “Oh, no, how can those evil racist right-wing xenophobic Republicans do this to those poor illegals?”

As far as it goes, I personally think going after the illegals themselves is the wrong approach. If laws were actually enforced, once and for all, against the companies and corporations that hired them, the problems would solve themselves. While it is illegal to cross the border like many do, it is also illegal to knowingly employ them. Time to go at it from that front.

As for anyone who wishes to come to this great nation, and take part in the American Dream, I say “Welcome!” Just please come in through the proper doorway, obey the law, and make yourself a wonderful life.

Written by James Lee

April 26, 2010 at 23:06

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The Left’s Racism

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President Obama put out the call for all “young people, African-Americans, Latinos, and women who powered our victory in 2008 [to] stand together once again.”

Much has been said throughout the day on this, the choice of words, even a headline on Drudge titled “Obama Plays Race Card.” Instead of rehashing all that, I’m simply going to give my overall thoughts on the subject in general.

It annoys to me to no end that Democrats seek to divide everyone on racial and sexual lines. This is a tactic they have used, fairly successfully I might add, for decades. Personally, I blame Richard Nixon; in the 1960 Presidential campaign, he refused, or at least never got around to, meeting with Dr. Martin Luther King. Kennedy did. Never mind that King was pretty much a lifelong Republican, and that historically, prior to and since then, the Republicans have done more for the minority communities than the Democrats have. It was Democrats who filibustered the Civil Rights act of 1964, it only passed because Republicans forced the issue.

The biggest thorn in my side on the issue is that somehow it is required of a black person to vote for the “D,” regardless of anything else. If you are black, and have conservative views, you are mercilessly attacked for it. That is not what “I have a Dream” was all about.

During the timeframe of the 2000 Election, I was working in an area known as “Midtown” Kansas City. Most, about 75% or so, depending on the day, of our clientele was black or other minority. I spent time in the lobby where people were waiting on us to finish their cars, often with the television on. Campaign commercials flew, and I broached the subject with more than a few.

Without trying to give my own preferences, I was able to see that somewhere around half of the ones I discussed things with seemed to think that George W Bush might be the better choice. Very unscientific, and purely anecdotal and such, but there it is.

It was also around this same time frame that Urban Radio stations (read: “black”) were playing the commercial about if you “elect Republicans, another black church will burn.” The NAACP ran the ad that suggested that Bush did nothing with the dirt bags who drug the black gentleman in Texas to his death behind a pickup truck. (That may have been in ’04, but still goes to my larger point.) In fact, as governor of Texas, at least two of the three were sentenced to death. The list can go on and on.

The thing that seriously bothers me, is that the Left takes black votes for granted. Either through misinformation, intimidation, threats, or coercion, they do it every time. That November morning in 2000, I proudly wore my “I Voted Today” sticker. A well-dressed black woman inquired who I voted for. I told her, “Let me put it this way, I’ve been waiting for this day for EIGHT years!” Her eyes got big, she whipped a view around my lobby, and found another young black woman sitting there. She asked if the young woman had voted, to which the reply was “no.” She then almost insisted that the young woman should accompany her right now, they would get to the precinct, get her registered, and let her vote!

The fact the Left takes the black vote for granted is, in my mind, serious racism by itself. I will grant you, the black community supports Democrats around 90%, but why? What exactly have the Democrats done in the last 50 years to actually provide help to the black community? Welfare? Give someone just enough to discourage work and betterment of themselves and their families. Housing? Once an area goes to Section Eight housing, it’s a matter of a short time before the drug dealers and gangsters come it, destroying property values, lives, and security. “Family” assistance? They discourage single mothers from marrying the fathers by decreasing the welfare payments. Drugs, crime, prostitution, and violence run rampant in the poorest of neighborhoods, leaving a near death-spiral of hopelessness. Inner city schools graduate less than half the class, and half of those can not read with any proficiency, let alone find themselves prepared to excel in the workforce. For this Democrats have blacks undying support?

I’m not saying there are not problems, and I’m not saying the Republicans have done a lot better. But conservative ideas would be a much better answer that what we are doing now.

The conservative principles of smaller government, lower taxes, and expansion of businesses in the private sector would do more to help the poorest communities than any amount of money spent on welfare or assisted housing. Bringing more people into the workforce, giving them an honest day’s pay for an honest day’s work, and giving them dignity of taking care of themselves.

Just like Obama states in the above video, the Democrats depend on minority votes. It really gets my blood boiling that they, Obama included (a black man himself) seem to think they owe it to the Democrats to keep them in power. You know, it’s just like saying they are too stupid to think on their own and make up their own minds based on the merits of the idea.

If a black man, or a latina woman, or a white teenager, or a green martian for that matter (as long as they followed immigration laws and properly naturalized and registered to vote), can sit down and look at the facts, and decide for themselves that they might like this, but don’t like that, so therefore they will vote for candidate X, then I really don’t care who or what party candidate X represents. Just as long as they came to it on their own, using the multitude of resources available to everyone.

Democrats focus on our divisions. Black, Latin, Women, Men, White, are all nothing more than demographic voting blocs to them.

Conservatism, on the other hand, focuses on the individual, not the group. If the conditions are right, then every individual can succeed, every individual can persue happiness as our Founding Fathers intended.

All to often, the Left will attempt to address a concern of one group or another. The answer to them is not to let everyone rise up to overcome the concerns, but to tear everyone else down to help make things more “fair.” That is wrong for the people they are trying to help, and wrong for those caught in the crossfire. Everyone suffers more.

Sooner or later, I hope and pray that the intelligent, talented individuals in the various Democrat ‘plantation’ voting blocs start to realize what they actually believe, and vote accordingly.

I know those who happen across this writing will now try to label me as some kind of racist. Nothing could be further from the truth. Fact is, I’ve spent half my life trying to avoid and deflect anything that could be perceived as racism on my part. And I’m sick of it. You can call me whatever you want, I know better, the people who know me know better. I know the truth. And the truth is, I’m sick of your crap.

Written by James Lee

April 26, 2010 at 20:45

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Second Aquittal

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Two down.

One to go.

Anchors Aweigh, my Boys.

Written by James Lee

April 23, 2010 at 13:41

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Outlawing Bacon

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Chris Stirewalt at the Washington Examiner reveals the next target of the Nanny State Liberals Who Know Better Than You: Bacon!

No, actually, the target is salt. But the effect is the same; a lot of salt is used to process bacon before it becomes those thick, fatty, delicious strips of culinary goodness on your breakfast plate or double-cheeseburger. Apparently the Administration thinks we get too much salt, and they will strong arm the food industry to reduce its use of it.

This is akin to the Left’s way of trying to go after firearms and the Second Amendment. Instead of outlawing the guns, which would be unconstitutional and never pass, they want to put so many regulations, restrictions, and taxes on the ammunition so as to render the firearm effectively useless.

But, again, this will have unintended consequences, per the article linked above:

More likely, Big Food will be able to use the regulations they help design to dominate the market even more. They are already spending millions to find new chemical compounds that keep the foods yummy but skirt the new sodium prohibition.

Read more at the Washington Examiner:

Well, OK, that could happen, I suppose. I mean, it’s not unheard of for some huge corporation to work as experts in a given field as a means to help shut out competition and give themselves an edge in the market.

But what I’m concerned about is the effect on the bacon.

It seems every day, something new comes from Obama and the Band of Merry Fools known as the Democrat Party. From forcing private companies to fire personnel, telling bondholders of said corporation where to stick it when it comes to getting their investment back, to hiring known tax cheats to work in the Treasury Department, all the way up to flat-out lying every step of the way about the Health Control law, each time I think “THIS is it! NOW they’ve gone too far, and people will not put up with it!”

But they always do put up with it, and news media is only all the more happy to keep slobbering all over themselves and tell us exactly why Obama is so awesome!

But let me offer some advice to the Administration and the Nannies In Charge. Just as Humphrey Bogart explained to the German officer when he asked Bogart “Can you picture us in New York?” Bogart’s character explained that there are certain parts of New York that he didn’t advise venturing into. The same goes here. I think anything that is going to affect our bacon will be that step too far, finally! You tell a lot of us country folks out here that we can’t have bacon, and there will be trouble.

Written by James Lee

April 22, 2010 at 19:16

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The first of three Navy SEALs facing courts-martial for the alleged “abuse” of a prisoner has been found not guilty. This is a good thing.

I was livid when I first heard about this. The back story stems from the SEAL unit tracking down and capturing Ahmed Hashim Abed, the suspected mastermind of the attack on Blackwater contractors in Falluja in 2004. As you may remember, this was the ones who were hung from a bridge and dragged through the streets.

The SEALs were accused of beating Abed after taking him into custody. The command reprimanded them with Non-Judicial Punishment, also known as “Captain’s Mast.” While there was no jail time or other significant penalties, that judgement is put in their record. The SEALs refused, insisted on having a trail. This was risky on their part, as a guilty verdict could bring prison time.

While we don’t want our elite units to run rampant and dish out their own style of self-imposed justice, or have any of our troops do things like that, I think nearly all reasonable Americans would agree that our troops, especially ones as highly trained and disciplined as the SEALs, should be given a good benefit of the doubt over the words and accusations of known dirtbag terrorists.

Written by James Lee

April 22, 2010 at 09:37

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You Must See This

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Last Thursday was Tax Day, but also Tea-Party Protest day. I had wanted to attend the one in Kansas City at Community America Ballpark, but for several reasons did not make it. It was organized mainly by KMBZ and Political Chips, on organization that is dedicated to reaching into the inner cities (which we all know is just “code words” for Black) and bringing them to their Conservative roots.

At one point during the evening, they called on all current and past members of the Armed Services to come down on the field for a tribute. As I’ve heard, the line seemed to never end. So without further ado, here was what happened.

Sure doesn’t look like a crowd that is seething, angry, burning crosses, or spitting on people just because they look different, does it?

Written by James Lee

April 21, 2010 at 21:15

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Strange Bedfellows

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Over the last few days on my favorite radio station, I have been hearing an advertisement get some heavy rotation. It is a catchy little tune about how Wall Street and the Banking Industry pushed the rules, took tax money, paid bonuses and think everything is hunky-dory. And it is paid for by the American Association of Retired Persons.

Now, I suppose if you think about it long enough, the banking regulations and/or the lack thereof can affect seniors. Many seniors rely on investment vehicles of some fashion, and if the bankers are playing fast and loose with other people’s money, that can hurt people when they can least afford it.

It really seems to me though that over the last several years, the AARP has dropped even the pretense of being a non-partisan advocacy organization and shown themselves to be the shills for the Democrat Party that we’ve known them to be all along.

Now, they seem to have gone full-throttle pushing the Obanking “Reform.” Now, to be fair, I am not 100% sure exactly what is in this so-called reform, but I can tell you one thing: It will be BAD.

Do I think the financial industry should be a free-for-all? Of course not. There needs to be some minimal regulation, disclosures required prior to signing, and things like that. I suspect that if there had been an actual minimum amount of regulation, instead of the bloated, confusing system we have, there would have been a lot less of the shady dealings that went on.

That’s how things work: you lay down regulations and mandates, and people will find ways around those rules. Just like in the past when there were price controls on meat. Once you could only charge a customer a certain amount for a particular cut, meat processors got creative. They slice something a little different, come up with a new name, and presto! they can can charge whatever they want because that “new” cut of meat is not covered by the existing rules.

Coming back to the Obanking Reform, as I said, I’m not really up on a lot of the details. But as we know from this adminstration, there isn’t any such thing as “reform,” or “fair,” or “free market.” Every single thing they do, along with their cronies in Congress, is rooted in the desire for control of as much of our lives as they possibly can.

The problem is, they will likely meet little resistance here. In the aftermath of Enron, AIG, Bear/Stearns, and others, it’s an easy sell. Don’t buy into it people. Question everything they want to do. Think about the long-term, and the effects it will have on even more of our freedoms.

Written by James Lee

April 20, 2010 at 20:17

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Where Will This Lead

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Newsbusters carries the widely discussed outburst of Time’s Joe Klein this weekend on The Chris Matthews Show.

“I did a little bit of research just before this show – it’s on this little napkin here. I looked up the definition of sedition which is conduct or language inciting rebellion against the authority of the state. And a lot of these statements, especially the ones coming from people like Glenn Beck and to a certain extent Sarah Palin, rub right up close to being seditious.”

Read more:

This is really venturing into very scary territory. Once again, look back from 2000-2008 at the level of outrageous statements concerning the Bush Adminstration. No one seemed to care about this back then.

But now, now that their Precious Messiah is in office, no form of dissent can be tolerated. I guess the idea that questioning your government is patriotic ended on January 20th, 2009.

The really scary part is the ease at which “respected” so-called “journalists” can just throw this out. It’s like the merry cast of The Chris “I Really Wanted To Take Over Meet The Press” Matthews Show seem to think that anyone who speaks out against government overspending and overstepping their bounds should in some way be punished by a felony conviction.

Now, everyone is of course entitled to their respective opinion, and I don’t begrudge them from having one different from my own. Except in this case, it seems that instead of listening and debating to our arguments, they just want us to shut up.

While I’m actually a total nobody when it comes to influencing anyone out there, I want to assure you that I will not stop criticizing or speaking out, no matter how much you threaten me with charges, no matter how much you call me names like “tea bagger” or “raaaaacist!” And I am willing to fight to keep those rights for everyone, even those I disagree with. And there’s a lot more of us than there are of you, Mister Klein.

Because I know that once you stoop to the name-calling and blanket threats, it just proves that you can not tolerate other opinions, and you can’t argue on the merits.

This and everything else would be a total joke if matters were not so serious.

Written by James Lee

April 19, 2010 at 18:40

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Long Weekend

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Had a bit of a long weekend. Last week, we lost my grandfather. The funeral arrangements were this weekend, now back home afterwards. Over the last 36 hours, spent about nine on the highway. Fortunately, it was decent weather, and traffic was pretty light, so things went OK there.

Thinking I’m a little physically and mentally exhausted now. In my life thus far, I’ve been rather fortunate that I have not had to deal with very much close family passing away. The thing with that is that I’m never certain how I’m supposed to behave or what I’m supposed to feel. Perhaps that never changes.

Without being overly specific, I want to give kudos to the funeral home. They did a wonderful job on somewhat short notice to get everything together, and the services seemed to run seamlessly. One point I liked was they were able to take family photos and put everything together on a slide-show DVD which they had playing on a large-screen during the visitation and prior to the actual service. It was very nice to see many old pictures, and many familiar family portraits strung together. Of course, we all shared certain things we remembered, such as “Oh, that was taken here at our old place” and “Look at that cute baby, what happened, James Lee?”

I was also a bit moved by a local lodge that he had been a longtime member of. During visitation, the other members came and gave a short memorial ceremony for him. It was touching, and I thank them for their kind words.

I had been asked to be a pallbearer, which of course I accepted. I have never done that before, and was somewhat lost as to where I was supposed to be when, but again, the staff made sure things worked as they should. I was honored to have done that.

One almost funny point about it happened this morning. My wonderful wife got clothes together for me beforehand, seeing as how I am never ‘dressed up.’ Perhaps something I got from my grandfather, as at one point today I heard that to him, a clean pair of overalls and the nice boots was considered dressed up. In later years, I rarely remember seeing him in an actual tie, but instead a nice shirt with a bolo tie of some sort, with the shiny boots.

Those boots were the source of it this morning. During visitation, my uncle commented that he really would have liked to have his dad’s boots, but they just would not fit him. Asking what size I wore, turns out they were very close, and perhaps I could try them. Turned out, wasn’t a perfect fit, but wearable. Well, with the nice pants, shirt, tie, and jacket the wonderful MrsJamesLee had for me, along with the Navy dress uniform Bates Lites I still have, she got me put together in reasonable fashion, and I took the Beloved Lhasa out one last time before we left. As I’m bringing him in, I feel something funny, and wonder what I had stepped in. Upon examination, I discovered the heels of the Bates were literally disintegrating into dust.

Thinking that it looked like just the heels, we figured I could get through the day with it. Almost at the last second, we decided to grab those boots. After arriving, I stepped out of the vehicle, and discovered the rest of the soles were following close behind. So, the Nice Boots got to make one last appearance on behalf of my grandfather. I like to think he would have liked that.

In my early years, I spent a lot of time with my grandparents. They were good, simple people, working for what they had and happy to help others in need. I got to see a lot of old farming equipment, climb in the barns, and learn about caring for nature and the land, which of course my own parents continued. I remember many summers when the entire family would get together to help bring in the hay and things like that. My very young self could not easily move hay bales, but I sure liked climbing on the stacks that my Dad, Uncle, and cousins stacked up.

In later years, new jobs and new opportunities took most of the family away from the rural area we were in. Still in relative proximity, we would get together on holidays, hunting season, and the like. But, of course, there is never enough time any more to spend as much as you want with people you want to these days. Before you know it, the weeks and months have turned into another year, and the clock keeps ticking.

So here’s to you Granddad. I know you lived a wonderful life, and I hope to see you again one of these days.

Written by James Lee

April 18, 2010 at 22:43

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Another Take on the Superpower Comments

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Allahpundit at Hot Air has a little different take on the recent comments of President Obama.

His general thought is that the “like it or not” refers mostly to the second half of the statement about being dragged into other conflicts wherever they occur, because the US remains a military superpower.

I have to admit, I think I’m a little torn on this. On one hand, that is correct. And I’ve never really liked when public figures are immediately taken to task for a misspoken statement, poor wording, or vague implications of something that was said. This goes for those I disagree with as well.

On the other hand, we already have a year-long history of him apologizing and bowing to foreign leaders, as well as a record of cutting military programs such as the F22 and missile defense systems.

So I suppose the statement could be taken either way.

In any case, the Greatest Speech Maker and Orator of Our Time(tm) could have saved himself some ridicule and criticism by simply adding one little “because.”

Written by James Lee

April 17, 2010 at 13:35

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