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Screencap of the Century

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Via Newsbusters, this bit of comedy gold:

Kind of falls under the category of DUH.

Look, we can take sides on the new Arizona law. My understanding is that it makes what is already a crime by Federal law also a crime by State Law. And reasonable people can disagree whether it will be an open invitation by police to start racially profiling. Fact remains however, that the border should have been enforced and locked down a long time ago.

But for MS-NBC to put this wording on the screen just reeks of outright patronizing and stupidity. I think it shows just what they think of you, and how stupid they think you are. Obviously, the reaction they want is for you to shake your fist and say “Oh, no, how can those evil racist right-wing xenophobic Republicans do this to those poor illegals?”

As far as it goes, I personally think going after the illegals themselves is the wrong approach. If laws were actually enforced, once and for all, against the companies and corporations that hired them, the problems would solve themselves. While it is illegal to cross the border like many do, it is also illegal to knowingly employ them. Time to go at it from that front.

As for anyone who wishes to come to this great nation, and take part in the American Dream, I say “Welcome!” Just please come in through the proper doorway, obey the law, and make yourself a wonderful life.

Written by James Lee

April 26, 2010 at 23:06

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