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The View From My Door

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Last week, a firefighter in Shawnee, Kansas lost his life in the line of duty. Yesterday was the funeral, taking place not far from my place of business. Police departments, fire departments, and other first responders, as well as many family, friends, and supporters turned out for the procession, the route going right by my shop.

A day prior, I looked out to see the street lined with American flags. At first, I thought they were up for Memorial Day weekend, which Shawnee and Mission tend to do for several holidays. Later, I saw some volunteers attaching black ribbons to the flagpoles, and asked about it. They explained it was for the Glaser funeral.

It was a somber moment, the procession taking fifteen minutes or more to go by. I wonder if there were any complaints about this display of American Flags?

Written by James Lee

May 28, 2010 at 12:34

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So Glad He Lost

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USNews reports of Senator John Kerry (D-MA) speaking at a breakfast recently, sponsored by the Christian Science Monitor. He speaks of what a good job Washington DC has done to head off the economic problems this country, and the world, have experienced.

“We’ve come back,” he says of the nation, Wall Street, and the economy. “This is an amazing resurgence.”

Hmmm… last I’ve heard, unemployment was still very high, credit very hard to get, and home foreclosures are still at near-record levels.

They go on to say:

It wasn’t a slam at the Tea Party movement and those upset at Washington as much as a frustration he feels that Congress and the president aren’t getting the credit he thinks they deserve for pulling the country out of a second depression

Oh, believe me, Senator, I’m giving the Imperious Doofus, Nancy Pelosio, and Dingy Harry, as well as all their cronies like you, all the credit for the damage that things like the Health Control law is doing. Not to mention the lack of any perceivable benefit from the Porkulus deal a.k.a, Barack Obama’s Very Large Stimulating Package. I would contend that the economy has not gone into full out Depression in spite of you and your leftists buddies doing all they can to bring it on.

Kerry thinks there is a “comprehension gap,” or we dirty peons out here driving our pickup trucks just don’t get how much help they have been with the bailouts, stimuli, and Health Control. Maybe Kerry could explain it to us at a sixth grade level?

Kerry continues:

But he said that the D.C.-directed attacks are hypocritical, since many of those attacking Washington spending presumably want to keep their Social Security and Medicare and want Washington to play a big role in the Gulf Oil cleanup. “There’s a huge contradiction on a daily basis,” he said.

There might be some of that, granted. But overall, I really think the good Senator is missing the point: Washington is spending too much money, too much money that we do not have.

Social Security and Medicare programs are promises that have been made to millions of people. Too many people are depending on that promise. Ideally, I would love to see a complete revamping of those programs, eventually all but eliminating them in favor of private accounts of some fashion. This would take a long time to work in, as we simply cannot cut off people in the middle.

As far as it goes, the problem is not so much current programs like Social Security, but proposed things that they keep wanting to foist upon the American public. Things like that Health Control law, that really needs to be repealed as soon as possible, or struck down as unconstitutional. Or all the Energy/Climate controls they wish to enact, all to control a “poisonous” substance (carbon dioxide) that appears more and more to have nothing to do with global temperatures. And all of these items will require an ever-increasing level of taxation to maintain, which would hobble our economy for decades.

So, Mr. Kerry, please stop it with the government programs and trying to take total control of as much as possible. We all know that is what you and your friends want, after all. We are just here to try to stop you from achieving it.

Written by James Lee

May 26, 2010 at 17:16

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True Colors

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The President had a closed-door lunch meeting with several Republicans in the leadership, and apparently things did not go all that well. Seems things got a bit heated when they offered some criticism of Obama and his policies.

From the article:

“The more he talked, the more he got upset,” Sen. Pat Roberts (R-Kan.) said. “He needs to take a valium before he comes in and talks to Republicans and just calm down, and don’t take anything so seriously. If you disagree with someone, it doesn’t mean you’re attacking their motives — and he takes it that way and tends then to lecture and then gets upset.”

Read more:

I suspect that Obama has never really had too much in his life in the way of disagreement. Actually, the only campaign he ever really had to wage was the Presidential race of 2008, as in all of his previous elections he and his crew managed to remove any significant competition, even other Democrats, from the ballots.

I think he’s so used to people he associates with and campaign supporters just fawning all over him like he’s some kind of messiah, and does not have any idea of how to deal with someone who does not share the same views. Especially one who disagrees on merits with facts and history to back them up.

As we all knew would happen, the polling numbers are inching downwards. They always do after the excitement of a new era and election victory fade into memory. Usually, when a President rides that popular wave, they tend to hammer hard to get as much of their agenda done as possible, then lay back and avoid controversy. Sometimes it works, such as the tax cut packages that Bush got, and sometimes it doesn’t, such as Clinton’s version of Health Control.

In Clinton’s case, he realized he’d been beaten, and backed off considerably. The damage was done, though, and both Houses flipped control in 1994. But, that gave Clinton an ‘enemy’ to run against, and coupled with the horrible campaign of Senator Dole, managed to win in 1996 very handily.

I think, though, those lessons will be lost on the Imperious Doofus, for a couple of reasons. One, as I said, he doesn’t understand controversy and compromise. The other is that I don’t think he is a typical type of politician, in that he works around the edges to get some of his core principles into law, and avoids creating too much dust so as to be reelected.

I am honestly believing that he has a hard set, socialist-based, no compromise winner-take-all agenda. If he would be able to get everything, from Health Control which passed, to Crap and Betrayed energy control bill, the Wall Street Reform financial control bill, etc, it would set this country back decades. And would take decades more to dismantle it, if it could ever be done.

Look at European countries; once the leftist controls got enacted, like state-run health care systems, conservatives in those countries suddenly have to run on being able to run a leftist socialist program better than the leftist socialists.

Fortunately, people are waking up, and trying with everything they have to shut down that hard left agenda. My true fear is the Nov-Dec session of Congress; if we take significant numbers and take control, then the nuts currently in charge of the asylum will truly have nothing to lose, and may try to hammer as much garbage through as they can.

Look for Obama to have more and more trouble, avoid the press more than he is now, and start taking a lot more criticism. And since I don’t think he can deal well criticism, I am looking for some kind of semi-public ranting meltdown.

Stock up on popcorn!

Written by James Lee

May 26, 2010 at 10:38

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Your Papers, Please

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Mediate’s Tommy Christopher confronts Press Secretary Gibbs about the dustup between pundits, commentators, and the White House concerning the apparent lack of response to the BP oil well disaster in the Gulf.

This again falls into the category of taken-by-itself-no-big-deal. But this Administration has shown time and time again they are willing to attack private citizens using the power of the government in order to further their agenda or deflect criticism. The key of the exchange was in reference to Sarah Palin, with Gibbs shrugging it off saying that you don’t need a license to get on TV and say anything you want.

If you follow the link and see the video, it is pretty apparent, it seems to me, that Gibbs is actually trying to make a lame joke. So take it for what its worth.

The problem is, however, that they seem to have no problem with the idea that if one is not somehow “approved” to comment, then their words are not worth considering. This is exactly what the First Amendment Freedom of Speech and Freedom of the Press was meant to protect. The idea that anyone, any citizen, could speak their mind without fear of reprisal, in the public square or in the media.

That is exactly what I am doing here. There has never in the history of the world been more freedom of expression than there is today. I can sit here at my keyboard, and spout off anything I want. And so can you. And you. And even you over there. That doesn’t mean you have the right to be heard, but you have the right to say it.

I actually have little doubt that given the option, if they could get away with it, the White House would have no problem requiring some sort license to be a pundit. If that were to ever happen, then we are completely finished as a free nation.

Written by James Lee

May 25, 2010 at 10:44

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Confirmed, blast it

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The reference in the last post had to do with this. The Drudge item I was referring to was this:

SOURCE: Obama skipping Memorial Day ceremony at Arlington National Cemetery. ‘He’ll be on vacation in Chicago’…

The entry has no citation as yet, so being the thorough, conscientious blogger I want to be, didn’t want to run with it until it did. Now there is.

Look, I know the President is just a man, and the President can be the President no matter where in the world he is. There honestly is no such thing as a “vacation” for the Executive, no matter how much screaming and bloviating people like Olberman did during the Bush years. There are still daily briefings, there are decisions to be made, reports to be filed, and crisis to deal with, and those can mostly be done remotely, especially in this age of communications we are in.

But, on a day like Memorial Day, meant to honor fallen United States service members, the President should be at Arlington. Having been to Arlington a couple of years ago, I can say that for me, there is about no other place in the world where you really get the idea of just how many heroes it has taken to secure our freedom, how many have paid the ultimate price for our country. That is most apparent at the Tomb of the Unknowns, where an honor guard is present at all times.

I shouldn’t be surprised; I have stated before, I believe that Obama and his type do not have a deep-seated love for this nation, and they view the US and the Military as somehow being part of the problem (if not the problem) in the world today.

One might think, however, that as smart and press-savvy as this group of rodeo clowns is supposed to be, they can at least pretend for a few hours, no?


Wow, I see others in the media noticed this too, and have a slightly different take on the trip.

Will he go to a play? Will he go to a Blackhawks hockey game? Ooooooh, the suspense is killing me!!


**Update 2**

Just found on Drudge:

Will skip Memorial Day ceremony at Arlington Nat’l Cemetery, but return for Paul McCartney concert…

Well, THAT’s a relief!

Written by James Lee

May 25, 2010 at 09:09

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Doofus In Chief

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Just saw an item on the Drudge report that while typical and not unexpected, still makes me mad. However, since there is no link, and is only attributed to “Source,” I’ll wait until confirmation before I blow a gasket.

Written by James Lee

May 25, 2010 at 08:09

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See Ya Kansas City

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According to Tony from Tony’s Kansas City the Kansas City Council is setting up to adapt a resolution condemning the State of Arizona for attempting to enforce immigration laws.

This makes me sick. As has been pointed out repeatedly in all facets of media, the Arizona law merely makes it a State crime on top of already being a Federal crime.

Tony goes on to say:

There’s talk this thing could turn into an all out Kansas City Boycott of Arizona.

Go for it guys. We are already working to counteract that with the Arizona Buycott. And you in Kansas City will not see me spend another dime in your city limits unless I absolutely have to.

I live in Independence, but literally a stones throw from the city limit line. If I am not mistaken, the grocery store I frequent is in Independence, but the gas station in front of it is in Kansas City. I will be informing the management of the gas station that I and MrsJamesLee usually spend quite a bit of money there, but thanks to the city they are doing business in, and paying taxes to, they will have to make do without me. Too bad, as they are usually the cheapest gas in the immediate area, but if I have to pay a few cents more per gallon to do what little I can to cut off KCMO, then so be it.

The same goes for any other stores; prior to my purchase, I will demand to know exactly which address they are doing business at, and if they are in Kansas City, I will politely inform the clerk or management that they will not be getting my business until they can convince the Council to back off this stupidity, and actually act to enforce the laws instead of being a Sanctuary City.

It’s all good, I guess, I mean, it’s not as if Kansas City doesn’t have a billion-dollar plus sewage system upgrade that needs to be done 10 years ago looming over them, or really needs every dime of tax revenue they can get, since they have so much excess cash in the banks, and people are literally flocking to get in because of the world-class school system, right? Oh, wait….

Written by James Lee

May 24, 2010 at 19:25

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Newsjunkie Burnout

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Been a while since I’ve put up anything, I know. Seems that while I usually stay glued to news coverage, every now and then I get a sort of burnout on it. In the past, these times have usually occurred during the “off-season,” outside of election cycles or Congressional sessions. I’ve even been known to turn off talk radio for a couple of weeks, and let newspapers pile up.

I think I’ve sort of hit that mark lately here, but not quite in the same way. The stories are coming bam-bam-bam one after the other, and each seems more outrageous than the last.

AZ: Raaaaacists!
LA: Boycott AZ!
AZ: We’ll keep our electricity then.
Teh Won: AZ acted stupidly (even though they passed the same laws I swore to uphold)
Entire Admin: I didn’t read the law, but it’s raaaaacist!
Calderone: You need to ban guns because I can’t control my criminals.
Calderone: BTW, you are all raaaaacists!
Democrat Party: YAYYYYYY! Calderone!

This time, things seem to be happening so fast, I don’t think I can afford to completely unplug. So while I’m not here as often putting up my brilliant commentary to the news of the day (HA!), I am staying in the loop, keeping informed, trying to expand my networking, reading on blogs and posting a few comments when I can.

I hope to soon return to my regularly scheduled ranting.

Written by James Lee

May 21, 2010 at 09:15

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Taking A Shot

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Since the “Shot” in “A Shot And A Beer” was supposed to be supposed to be about firearms, I feel as if I’ve been slacking a little on that. But honestly, there hasn’t been much news pertaining to the 2nd Amendment lately, outside of the upcoming ruling on McDonald V Chicago, and there haven’t been any new guns adopted into this home lately.

So, hopefully, this starts to make some amends. I just heard a talk show play the audio of this clip, and thought it was totally spot on. So without further ado, I will turn the floor over to Uncle Teddy:

On the basic point, he is absolutely right: every free human being has the right to defend their own lives and those they love. A firearm is nothing more than a tool to accomplish those means. Even the Supreme Court agrees that the Police have no duty to defend you.

This is the basis of the Second Amendment. And it makes me sick when I hear news stories about people in states and municipalities with strict gun laws are left defenseless, and they end up attacked, hurt, or even killed. Even in places where you are allowed to own firearms or carry them, if God forbid you are ever forced to use one, you are then made into some sort of criminal or sick person, because you defended your own life from someone who wanted to take it.

Written by James Lee

May 11, 2010 at 20:50

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What Cleaver thinks of You

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So I come across this article today, that pretty much explains how the Progressive Left looks at us. I know how it’s become this big joke floating all around that they “are smarter than us,” and therefore we should just trust them to take care of us. To paraphrase The Monster, commenter at Hot Air and The Ed Morrissey Show, it’s the Fundamental Contradiction of the Democratic Nanny State; if we are too stupid to take care of ourselves, how can we be smart enough in the voting booth to elect those smart enough to take care of us?

The exchange between (I’m sorry to say) my Congressman, Emmanuel Cleaver, D-Mo5, and James McCarthy, apparently some sort of Climate Scientist. They were lamenting the fact that since the East Anglia’s Climate Research Unit’s problem, and one revelation after another, the public just isn’t buying into the whole global warming shenanigans any longer.

At the heart of it was the “complexity” and “contradictory” nature of the issue; for example, that the warming temperatures will increase air moisture, which will result in increased snowfall. OK, it sounds silly by the headline, More Snow Due to Global Warming, but if one reads and reasons as they should, it sort of does make sense how it can fit together, if one assumes that the whole thing is true and not the largest hoax ever played on mankind. Which of course, it is nothing more than a power, money, and control-grabbing hoax.

During the testimony, Cleaver had this to say:

Cleaver responded by suggesting scientists needed to dumb-down their information – and emulate newspapers.

“Dumb-down,” and “emulate newspapers.” Hey, Mister “You-Spit-On-Me” Genius, in case you hadn’t noticed, we have an entire generation of children whose future is questionable at best because of “dumbing down” in the education system. And newspapers are losing money, influence, and readership by the bucketloads every day. Try again.

But it gets better:

“I think the newspapers are supposed to be printed at the sixth grade level and I think with something as important as (global warming), we’ve got to figure out how to simplify the language for the public, because otherwise they’re going to get a headache and bail out because they — not because they’re not concerned, but because they don’t get it.”

Emphasis mine.

So, now, we are all supposed to only be able to comprehend things at a 6th grade level? If that’s the case, it is a direct result of you and the Democrats policies for the last 50 years, with the aforementioned “dumbing down” of the education system, that concentrates more on “self-esteem” than results, and propping up the corrupt Teachers Unions for your personal voting bloc and campaign foot soldiers at the expense of those kids. You and your party should be ashamed.

What I am wanting to see out of this is campaign ads by Jacob Turk, who is running against Mr. Cleaver for the Mo-5 seat. Ads explaining to everyone, in a condescending sixth-grade level, exactly what Mister Cleaver has accomplished and how he has perpetuated the damage to our society by his progressive ideology in pursuit of his own power and money.

It will be an uphill climb for Mr. Turk. I will personally do all that I can to help him win. But it won’t be easy. The fifth district is hard entrenched Democrat territory. But if there is ever a time that we can take this one back, it will be this year. And I look forward to seeing the happy looks on the parishioners’ faces when their Beloved Reverend Cleaver comes home to his flock, on a permanent basis.

Written by James Lee

May 11, 2010 at 00:26

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