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Finally have the time and pictures all in one place to report.

Last Saturday, MrsJamesLee and I attended the Winning America Back conference at the Independence Events Center. It was a long day, but very enjoyable.

MrsJamesLee, not a bigtime conservative herself, bless her heart, allowed us to get the VIP seats. In retrospect, it might have been nice to add the VIP Reception, but that was a lot of money, for what would likely have been a short few words with Governor Palin.

We saw one protester on the way in to the parking lot, one person holding a handwritten sign that read “I Am A Liberal and I Love America Too.” Good to see that freedom of speech is alive and well.

We arrived shortly after the doors opened, and the line was way out into the parking lot. It moved quickly though, with several people handing out cards and fliers from local campaigns.

Many booths were set up in the concourse, from campaigns, advocacy groups, and flat-out opportunistic capitalism! Got to speak to and shake hands with Jack Cashill, who I remember hearing regularly on Woody Cozad’s radio show several years ago.

Finally made our way into the arena, where we showed our tickets. The lady gave us our VIP wristbands and pointed us in front of the gates right up next to the stage! Awesome seats, and we grabbed an aisle seat to have a good view for pictures. Quickly before things got rolling, I rushed out to get snacks and drinks.

Right on time, Darla Jaye kicked things off, and got the crowd warmed up.

Up next, came one of the main attractions, Jeri Thompson, speaking for a short bit, and introducing her husband, The Fred!

Fred spoke for a while, throwing in some of his trademark country charm. Mentioned that when he won his Senate seat, it took him a while to realize that it wasn’t that he was so great, he was just running at the right time, which was 1994.

More to come…..

Written by James Lee

May 5, 2010 at 15:08

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