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Taking A Shot

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Since the “Shot” in “A Shot And A Beer” was supposed to be supposed to be about firearms, I feel as if I’ve been slacking a little on that. But honestly, there hasn’t been much news pertaining to the 2nd Amendment lately, outside of the upcoming ruling on McDonald V Chicago, and there haven’t been any new guns adopted into this home lately.

So, hopefully, this starts to make some amends. I just heard a talk show play the audio of this clip, and thought it was totally spot on. So without further ado, I will turn the floor over to Uncle Teddy:

On the basic point, he is absolutely right: every free human being has the right to defend their own lives and those they love. A firearm is nothing more than a tool to accomplish those means. Even the Supreme Court agrees that the Police have no duty to defend you.

This is the basis of the Second Amendment. And it makes me sick when I hear news stories about people in states and municipalities with strict gun laws are left defenseless, and they end up attacked, hurt, or even killed. Even in places where you are allowed to own firearms or carry them, if God forbid you are ever forced to use one, you are then made into some sort of criminal or sick person, because you defended your own life from someone who wanted to take it.

Written by James Lee

May 11, 2010 at 20:50

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