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What Cleaver thinks of You

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So I come across this article today, that pretty much explains how the Progressive Left looks at us. I know how it’s become this big joke floating all around that they “are smarter than us,” and therefore we should just trust them to take care of us. To paraphrase The Monster, commenter at Hot Air and The Ed Morrissey Show, it’s the Fundamental Contradiction of the Democratic Nanny State; if we are too stupid to take care of ourselves, how can we be smart enough in the voting booth to elect those smart enough to take care of us?

The exchange between (I’m sorry to say) my Congressman, Emmanuel Cleaver, D-Mo5, and James McCarthy, apparently some sort of Climate Scientist. They were lamenting the fact that since the East Anglia’s Climate Research Unit’s problem, and one revelation after another, the public just isn’t buying into the whole global warming shenanigans any longer.

At the heart of it was the “complexity” and “contradictory” nature of the issue; for example, that the warming temperatures will increase air moisture, which will result in increased snowfall. OK, it sounds silly by the headline, More Snow Due to Global Warming, but if one reads and reasons as they should, it sort of does make sense how it can fit together, if one assumes that the whole thing is true and not the largest hoax ever played on mankind. Which of course, it is nothing more than a power, money, and control-grabbing hoax.

During the testimony, Cleaver had this to say:

Cleaver responded by suggesting scientists needed to dumb-down their information – and emulate newspapers.

“Dumb-down,” and “emulate newspapers.” Hey, Mister “You-Spit-On-Me” Genius, in case you hadn’t noticed, we have an entire generation of children whose future is questionable at best because of “dumbing down” in the education system. And newspapers are losing money, influence, and readership by the bucketloads every day. Try again.

But it gets better:

“I think the newspapers are supposed to be printed at the sixth grade level and I think with something as important as (global warming), we’ve got to figure out how to simplify the language for the public, because otherwise they’re going to get a headache and bail out because they — not because they’re not concerned, but because they don’t get it.”

Emphasis mine.

So, now, we are all supposed to only be able to comprehend things at a 6th grade level? If that’s the case, it is a direct result of you and the Democrats policies for the last 50 years, with the aforementioned “dumbing down” of the education system, that concentrates more on “self-esteem” than results, and propping up the corrupt Teachers Unions for your personal voting bloc and campaign foot soldiers at the expense of those kids. You and your party should be ashamed.

What I am wanting to see out of this is campaign ads by Jacob Turk, who is running against Mr. Cleaver for the Mo-5 seat. Ads explaining to everyone, in a condescending sixth-grade level, exactly what Mister Cleaver has accomplished and how he has perpetuated the damage to our society by his progressive ideology in pursuit of his own power and money.

It will be an uphill climb for Mr. Turk. I will personally do all that I can to help him win. But it won’t be easy. The fifth district is hard entrenched Democrat territory. But if there is ever a time that we can take this one back, it will be this year. And I look forward to seeing the happy looks on the parishioners’ faces when their Beloved Reverend Cleaver comes home to his flock, on a permanent basis.

Written by James Lee

May 11, 2010 at 00:26

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