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Been a while since I’ve put up anything, I know. Seems that while I usually stay glued to news coverage, every now and then I get a sort of burnout on it. In the past, these times have usually occurred during the “off-season,” outside of election cycles or Congressional sessions. I’ve even been known to turn off talk radio for a couple of weeks, and let newspapers pile up.

I think I’ve sort of hit that mark lately here, but not quite in the same way. The stories are coming bam-bam-bam one after the other, and each seems more outrageous than the last.

AZ: Raaaaacists!
LA: Boycott AZ!
AZ: We’ll keep our electricity then.
Teh Won: AZ acted stupidly (even though they passed the same laws I swore to uphold)
Entire Admin: I didn’t read the law, but it’s raaaaacist!
Calderone: You need to ban guns because I can’t control my criminals.
Calderone: BTW, you are all raaaaacists!
Democrat Party: YAYYYYYY! Calderone!

This time, things seem to be happening so fast, I don’t think I can afford to completely unplug. So while I’m not here as often putting up my brilliant commentary to the news of the day (HA!), I am staying in the loop, keeping informed, trying to expand my networking, reading on blogs and posting a few comments when I can.

I hope to soon return to my regularly scheduled ranting.

Written by James Lee

May 21, 2010 at 09:15

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