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This is something that I hadn’t heard of until I saw this article on Drudge. Rumors are that the United States used a high-tech spy plane to help find the Times Square Bomber.

The Government is denying it, considering the laws in place preventing the US Military from conducting operations on United States soil. However, if this is the case, I don’t think I have a whole lot of problem with it. We are in a very unconventional war at this moment, and should use every tool at our disposal.

The does, however, have to be some safeguards. I don’t think it would be a good idea, for example, for a spy network to just start listening to everything. (Which, in my opinion, is a virtual impossibility in the first place. Look at all the phone calls, internet posts, and such that go on every second of every day. Just trying to grab all of it, let alone sort it all out, would require endless manpower and computer power, and would probably still miss important items until it’s too late.) There should be a specific threat, some hard intel, on what they are looking for, and coordinate with the proper authorities.

As long as they are doing it according to the laws, happy hunting!

Written by James Lee

May 10, 2010 at 09:23

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I’m going to get the rest of the report and pictures from last weekend up, I promise!

Spent today finally getting the garden planted. Time and the weather finally cooperated. Got some tomatoes, corn, cucumbers, watermelons, muskmelons, zucchini and onions. Tried a few things different this year, so we’ll see how that does. Supposed to be raining the next couple of days, so that might save some on the water bill.

Written by James Lee

May 9, 2010 at 18:35

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The last Navy Seal on trial for “prisoner abuse” has been aquitted. I guess not all of us have lost our collective minds afer all.

Now, can we please get back to the business of taking these dirtballs out, instead of wringing our hands and worrying about offending someone?

Written by James Lee

May 7, 2010 at 07:37

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Via Allahpundits Twitter post, CBS News is reporting that Faisal Shahzad, the alleged Times Square Bomber, is being denied by the Pakistani Taliban that he is one of theirs. They praise him and call for others to follow in his footsteps, but appear to be trying to distance themselves
from him.

This could mean one of several things. One, they could be telling the truth, and Shahzad and his buddies acted on their own without direct ties. Or, maybe they anticipate a rainstorm of cruise missiles and are trying to head that off. Of course, maybe they are lying about the whole thing, I mean, they ARE terrorists after all.

I was struck by one of the final paragraphs, though:

He also vowed that the group will “launch attacks against the U.S. and its allies with a new zeal and style The U.S. and its European allies are our target.”

Tariq claimed that activists have been sent to the U.S. and other European countries and the group would launch further attacks soon. He gave no details about specific targets.

I hope the proper authorities are paying attention. When people with evil motives promise to carry out evil deeds, we have no choice but to take them seriously.

Written by James Lee

May 6, 2010 at 09:11

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Good News?

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There seems to be some good news coming from the trial of the final Navy SEAL charged in the “abuse” of a poor terrorist scumbag:

Story here.

Starting to sound like it was a good call to reject the NJP judgements and insist on a court proceeding. Cassy Fiano has been keeping up with this very well in the Green Room.

Written by James Lee

May 6, 2010 at 08:14

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Preserving American Liberty

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Finally have the time and pictures all in one place to report.

Last Saturday, MrsJamesLee and I attended the Winning America Back conference at the Independence Events Center. It was a long day, but very enjoyable.

MrsJamesLee, not a bigtime conservative herself, bless her heart, allowed us to get the VIP seats. In retrospect, it might have been nice to add the VIP Reception, but that was a lot of money, for what would likely have been a short few words with Governor Palin.

We saw one protester on the way in to the parking lot, one person holding a handwritten sign that read “I Am A Liberal and I Love America Too.” Good to see that freedom of speech is alive and well.

We arrived shortly after the doors opened, and the line was way out into the parking lot. It moved quickly though, with several people handing out cards and fliers from local campaigns.

Many booths were set up in the concourse, from campaigns, advocacy groups, and flat-out opportunistic capitalism! Got to speak to and shake hands with Jack Cashill, who I remember hearing regularly on Woody Cozad’s radio show several years ago.

Finally made our way into the arena, where we showed our tickets. The lady gave us our VIP wristbands and pointed us in front of the gates right up next to the stage! Awesome seats, and we grabbed an aisle seat to have a good view for pictures. Quickly before things got rolling, I rushed out to get snacks and drinks.

Right on time, Darla Jaye kicked things off, and got the crowd warmed up.

Up next, came one of the main attractions, Jeri Thompson, speaking for a short bit, and introducing her husband, The Fred!

Fred spoke for a while, throwing in some of his trademark country charm. Mentioned that when he won his Senate seat, it took him a while to realize that it wasn’t that he was so great, he was just running at the right time, which was 1994.

More to come…..

Written by James Lee

May 5, 2010 at 15:08

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Star Light, Star (not so) Bright

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During the protests by the Tea Party people that took place in Washington, DC, on the eve of the Health Control Vote in the House, the Kansas City Star took note of the events, such as “spitting” and “racial epitaphs” that were present during the day. One thing they took particular notice of was the protest sign reading “If Brown can’t stop it, a Browning can.” They went on to say in that editorial that “This threat deserves prosecution.” My thoughts on that at the link to myself, and my apologies for making you scroll so far down. It was a rant, OK?

Fast forward to May 1st. Found from Darla Jaye’s show notes page, who apparently got it from Land Mine Billy:

This looks like a very credible, and serious threat, especially given the events over the weekend.

So, will the Star also insist that this threat “deserves prosecution?” For that matter, did they even report it? Or any of the other violence that has occurred by criminals trying to protest criminal actions being made criminal?

**Note** As I was putting this together, I saw a note that this particular sign may be a Photoshop. So instead of trashing this whole post, I’m simply going to let it stand.

**Update** After posting, I looked around for what I could find out about that sign not being legitimate, and only found the one comment post elsewhere that mentioned it. So, I’m going to adapt the standard practice of the LameStreamMedia: you prove to me that its faked, and then I’ll consider a slight correction.

Written by James Lee

May 4, 2010 at 21:39

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Party Time in Times Square

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By now, all of you have heard of the Times Square attempted bombing from over the weekend.

Thankfully, it appears that we have some low-level students trying to conduct these latest attacks against us. From what I’ve seen in several places, had the Nissan Pathfinder actually functioned as it was supposed to, it would have been one huge fireball, which would have hurt or killed many people. It appears they missed a few key steps in the detonation process.

This also seems to be the first time that the White House seems willing to use the word “terrorist” in relation to any damn thing. This obviously is an act of terror, regardless of who planned, paid for, ordered, or carried out the mission.

I think this is what we are up against now, for the time being at least: smaller, harder to detect operations that individuals can work on and take their time to put in place. I know that al-Qaeda and their franchises prefer large splashes, but realistically, they have a slim chance of pulling those off.

However, Mr. President, this is now at least the second attempt in the last six months that has gotten all the way to final stage, and there was something wrong with the equipment that prevented catastrophe. I would suggest to you now that you really need to take this seriously, because sooner or later, they will get all the pieces correct. And the results may be very deadly.

Written by James Lee

May 4, 2010 at 08:00

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Saturday’s Great Time

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Spent most of yesterday at the Independence Events Center, at a rally for Preserving America’s Liberties. Got lots of pictures, and lots of thoughts on the various subjects covered, and will post posting them here as I get time to work things out.

Written by James Lee

May 2, 2010 at 13:31

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