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Finally: My Kind Of Reality Show

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Saw a commercial the other night for a new show starting this week on the History Channel, and was immediately intrigued. It’s called Top Shot, and I’ve already set up the DVR for it.

I’ve never been much of a fan of the reality/competition shows, but I’ve seen many of them as MrsJamesLee is a big fan of several of them. But this one, I will be watching.

From the extended preview linked below, it looks like it will be even more interesting than the short commercial showed. The field of competitors come from many backgrounds, including military, competitive shooting, and firearms instructors.

They will not just be using a single firearm, or a single type of firearm. The thrust is that they will be using all sorts of historical weapons, from spears, bows, old-west Colt revolvers, all the way up to modern military weapons. Plus, there will be obstacle courses involved as well.

With several popular shows out there, including Myth Busters, and Deadliest Warrior, both of which often include firearms in their testing, it appears that the public tends to enjoy such things. This, in my opinion, bodes well for the Second Amendment and us gun nuts out here. Let’s give this show some ratings, and perhaps we’ll see more of this type of thing being made.

Premier is this Sunday, June 6th, and 10pm, 9pm Central.

Extended preview here:

Written by James Lee

June 4, 2010 at 07:56

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