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Deadliest Warrior

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Wow, been quite a busy couple of weeks for me. Lots of work, and a LOT to process in the news.

As a bit of an aside, though, I thought I would point out the editors and producers of Spike TVs Deadliest Warrior need to take a tad more care with their graphics and representations.

For those that don’t know, the show takes classic warriors and pits them against each other in a computer program to see which one would win. Examples included Attila the Hun versus Alexander the Great, Jesse James gang versus Al Capone’s gang, and Apache versus Gladiator. They take typical weapons historically used by each side, and test them against ballistic gel torso molds, pig carcasses, and other targets, measuring speed, accuracy, and killing power of each weapon. After reducing everything to numbers that are fed into a computer simulation program (along with many other factors we don’t see discussed, such as typical training and cultural aspects), the foes fight one thousand times in the computer, with the winner of the majority of the battles being declared the “deadliest warrior.”

MrsJamesLee and I have a fairly decent record of picking the winners beforehand. However, I usually have to stipulate on the battlefield; if the Apache warrior, for example, is in the arena with the Gladiator, it’s no contest, but if they meet out in the open woods somewhere, the Apache has the edge.

The latest one we’ve seen was the Colombian Drug Cartel going against the Somali Pirates. My call was for the Cartel, just on account of them being so brutal.

Anyway, one of the weapons the Cartel utilized was the Mini-Uzi. Makes sense, as they explained they would hire Isrealis to be assassins. Typical tactic in Medellin was to drive a motorcycle up to the car carrying the person that was to be “taken care of,” and the rider on the back of the cycle would empty the 32-rounds of 9mm ammo from the Uzi into the car and its passengers.

As they bring out each team and each weapon, the show almost treats it like a sporting event, with sports-styled graphics showing each contestant, and similar graphics showing the weapons. When they rolled it up to the Mini-Uzi, however, I started laughing as what they had shown was not a Mini-Uzi, but an Ingram M-10. Similar in size, and same magazine capacity if I recall correctly, but the original M-10 fired .45ACP, not 9mm. (It should be noted, however, those performing the assassination of the mannequins in the car did indeed use the Mini Uzi, and with devastating results.)

Minor gripe, I know, and most won’t ever know the difference or care. But I thought it a bit humorous that through all the production process of a show that focuses on weapons of all types would make a simple goof like that and not a single one catch it.

Oh, and one more gripe: I have heard several on that show, both “contestants” as well as the hosts (again, supposed ‘experts’) refer to detachable ammunition feed boxes as “clips.” Dammit, everyone, it is a magazine!

**Note** I had looked around for either a video of the incident, or a screen cap, but none were readily found.

Written by James Lee

June 11, 2010 at 21:04

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  1. Just remember, in those shows, they have to play to the lowest common denominator. Thats why I love and hate to watch shows like that.


    June 14, 2010 at 08:13

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