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Why CSPAN Should Be Pay-Per-View

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Cubachi comes out with this amazing video of testimony from General Petraeus answering an absolutely asinine, worthless, stupid, and trivial question from Representative Giffords (D, AZ, as if the “D” were needed after hearing her stupid, idiotic question posted to the General).

Once again, General Petraeus rises to the occasion. As a professional, he can’t get snarky or throw the stupidity back at her. He answers the question, insane as it is, to the best of his ability.

Look, when our military is out in the field, they need all the supplies they are supposed to have to be able to accomplish their mission, and that includes a steady power supply in order to run the computers and communication gear to keep them in touch with the latest intelligence.

When they are out there, I really don’t care if they are burning a pile of tires, and throwing on baby harp seals coated in whale oil to keep it going in order to provide that power. Ideally, yes, all of the equipment they use should use the minimal amount of power possible, and be as self-contained as possible, but that goes more towards longevity and effectiveness instead of this idiotic idea of being green.

Remember, the United States Military’s job is to kill people and break things. They do that job very well, and should be applauded for it. And when we ask them to do things on behalf of this nation and the world, then they should be given every possible tool, weapon, or power source available to help them accomplish that with the least amount of collateral damage possible. Imbecilic questions like this are like saying ‘great job killing people and breaking all that stuff, but did you have to use so many bullets?’

In the meantime, Rep. Giffords, in the words of one of (I’m sure) your favorite commentators, “Shut. The. Hell. UP!”

Be sure to check out Cubachi’s site for excellent links and coverage of all sorts of stories!

Written by James Lee

June 17, 2010 at 21:39

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