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Prophetic Bad Hair Metal?

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Anyone who knows me knows that I have very, shall we say, eclectic taste in music. Problem is, I have no taste in music, and what I like usually drives most people nuts after a few notes.

Thing is I got off the popular music bandwagon about 1990, or so, except for country music. During high school and shortly afterwards, I loved what was known as “hair metal” of the 80’s, my favorites including Poison, Whitesnake, White Lion, Warrant, and to a bit of a lesser extent, Guns and Roses, Motley Crue, and Cinderella. Bon Jovi, while at the time was “OK, but they could do better” sound pretty good to me now, compared with what passes for rock music today.

When the music industry moved on toward the Seattle “grunge” scene, I didn’t have much taste for that. Even the extremely popular Metallica didn’t do anything for me. I loved that most of the late 80s stuff was just bright, upbeat, and all about partying and girls. They never seemed to take themselves too seriously, weren’t trying to save the world, and just having a good time.

Occasionally, a song or two would tap something deeper, though, and prove to be almost ‘inspirational,’ in some fashion, such as Whitesnake’s “Here I Go Again,” as an example. Sometimes, one hears a song at the right time, in the right circumstances, and it just grabs something and helps lift one out of whatever blues they might be experiencing. I know that’s not limited to any genre of music, or even limited to music for that matter. It just seemed that to me, at least, it occurred with what one might call ‘album cuts’ from those type of bands.

So tonight, while MrsJamesLee is still out on vacation, I got into a bit of one of my moods, and dug out the last Poison studio album titled “Native Tongue.” One thing I loved about that band was you could take all four of their albums, and you could easily see the progression of talent, production, and shall we say ‘shifting’ values of either society or the band itself. In many ways, they got better with each one, but in doing so, lost some of that glam and flash that put them on the map in the first place.

Anyway, Track 7 on that album sort of made me sit up and start listening close. It’s called “Bring It Home,” released in 1993, and is sort of making a statement about society. The music itself is just a tad on the hard side for my taste, but it’s good. Talks about the politicians who come on the news, feeding you whatever you want to hear, while he makes backroom deals to help himself.

Mild Content warning, a couple of dirty words, but nothing more than you hear in an average R-rated movie.

“I don’t know what to believe, don’t you think you’re fooling me.” Almost sounds like any press conference that Gibbs does. Or any other Administration for the last couple of decades.

“Watch the walls around come tumbling down like a house that’s built on a hill. How can we change a thing or even get in the ring when we’re living our lives in guilt.”

This goes to something that I think hits close to the Tea Partiers and the 9-12 Movement: You have to have your own house in order before you can clean up the country’s house. You can’t be living on some government subsidized program and demand they cut everything else. And that house on the hill, come November, I am really hoping enough Americans can see the light, and find their way to voting out those that undermine the Constitution and Freedom as we know it.

Truth be told, I have no clue whatsoever what Michaels or any other member of the band believes politically. (One thing for sure, he is a capitalist!) And that’s fine. I actually applaud that, to be honest. It’s a rock act, for crying out loud. Why alienate half your potential audience right out of the gate?

So let’s Rock On, and this fall, we will crumble the walls on Nancy Pelosio’s House Of Cards!

Written by James Lee

June 19, 2010 at 20:08

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