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Cleaver Makes It Official

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For years, many of us on the Right have complained about Media and the Lefts coverage and treatment of anything Conservative, but especially egregious in my opinion is the treatment of any minority person who happens to be Conservative. It’s like that person, be they black, Asian, gay, what have you, is somehow less of a person because they reject the Big Government Liberalism that the Left pushes for.

Just look at the treatment Clarence Thomas gets, even to this day. Look at the nasty attacks against Condeleeza Rice, when she was National Security Adviser and Secretary of State. Just read through some of the hate email that Michelle Malkin receives and sometimes posts for our amusement.

Last week, South Carolina Republicans nominated an India heritage candidate for governor, one Nikki Haley, who like all other Conservatives, faced smears, rumors, and lies about her past and her family’s religion. And some of that came from Republicans, which if you ask me, should not be welcomed in MY Republican party. Despite the full frontal assault, she clobbered three white men in the Primary, and pulled 62% of the vote in the resulting runoff.

With less fanfare, Black Republican Tim Scott got 72% of the Primary vote in his bid to win a seat in the US Congress. Incidentally, his opponent was the son of long time South Carolina Senator Strom Thurman.

And less than a week later, the attacks begin against Scott, and from his own “people,” whatever that means. Instead of celebrating the fact that South Carolina, with a history of racial division, has enthusiastically chosen a Black man to face the voters, he is instead called out and belittled for his views. Emmanuel Cleaver, my sorry excuse for a Representative (D, MO-5, D is for ‘Dead Meat In November’) went on the record with this to say:

“Diversity goes beyond skin color and gender to include opinion, and Scott lacks a different point of view. This gentleman is to the right of many of the members in the Republican Caucus, so he will blend in quite well with them in terms of ideology. So I don’t know where the diversity is in adding someone who thinks like everyone else.”

Quote copied from Missouri Political News Service.

So I guess, like many of the so-called Black Leaders out there, Cleaver also practices the idea that if a minority is Conservative, they are somehow “acting White” or some kind of “sellout?” Supposedly everyone thinks the Republican Party needs to be more diverse, or something, and when we bring one to the forefront, they get attacked for, shock of shockers, Republicans nominated someone who thinks like a Republican? Oh, the horrors! I guess we are supposed to just nominate someone we disagree with on almost everything, and then just shut up about it because they are symbols of diversity, or something.

Oh, wait. That’s what THEY do. We are smarter than that. We don’t take someone and judge them on their skin color, religion, gender, etc. Democrats do that. They do it every day, they do it in your face. And they get away with it. You know what it’s called, Mister Cleaver, when someone is dismissed or attacked on the basis of their skin color? It’s called racist. Yes, I am calling you that.

Residents of Kansas City, Independence, and Lee’s Summit in Missouri Five need to get out, spread the word, volunteer, and most importantly, VOTE. Jacob Turk needs our help to oust this disgrace from the halls of Congress.!/pages/Jacob-Turk-for-Congress/461745940640

Written by James Lee

June 25, 2010 at 09:22

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