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I Blame Public Schools

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Found this over at Hot Air. Allahpundit explains this took place in Milwaukee during a council meeting debating boycotting Arizona and that raaaaacist! illegal immigration law that is virtually identical to the raaaaacist! United States Federal law. Take it away, Democrat County Supervisor Peggy West:

And this is an official. She is not just some random citizen armed with a few snippets of soundbites during some Public Hearing Open Mic Night.

I’ve always heard about some very low percentage of people being able to find Location X on a map, and while I knew it was true, this is sort of a slap of reality.

Read more here.

**Update** It would appear that someone doesn’t appreciate people seeing Ms. West talk about Arizona not being a border state, as the video was pulled due to some claim of “Copyright Infringement.” New Vid added, hope it stays up this time.

**Update 7/1/10** Discovered last video posted was pulled by Youtube, found another one. Enjoy!

Written by James Lee

June 25, 2010 at 07:41

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