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Andrew Breitbart: Genius?

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Interesting back story concerning Shirley Sherrod, the USDA, claims of racism, fraudulent payments, and a nice fat windfall at the end.

Does Ms. Sherrod seriously think it’s a good idea to sue Breitbart?

Regardless what you might think of the Sherrods, or Andrew Breitbart, you have to admit that we would know about none of these things were it not for the video released at

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July 30, 2010 at 09:07

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Clicks for your Coffee 28 July 2010

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I love the BBC show Top Gear. Enough fun, humor, ‘races,’ and cool footage to appeal to a very broad audience. And I think the audience just got bigger. We better hope that doesn’t make its way here in the degree its going on in Europe now, we’re still busy with the whole black/white race thing.

I thought in O’Barry’s White House, lobbyists were going to be the new dirty word, and they would have no influence any more?

Please com to my shop, let me keep your oil fresh, your belts tight, and your hoses leak free. You might set a record some day. By the way, nice looking car!

I’ve been intrigued by the Chevrolet Volt idea ever since I’ve heard about it. The main difference between the typical hybrid electric car and the Volt is that it’s a series system rather than a parallel system, meaning, the final drive is nothing but electric power whereas the Prius uses the gasoline engine for transmission drive. The engine in the Volt is purely to run the generator to keep the batteries charged. Still, I know I won’t be getting one at this price tag. One key quote from the article: “The technology still isn’t there to make them cheap. At the end of the day, the consumer pays a hefty premium to make a statement.” If the technology works, it will improve. If it improves, it will get better, faster, and cheaper. Then, I might be interested in at least checking it out.

Could it be? Enforcing the law might actually WORK?

Leave to the New York Times to put the worst possible spin on the fact that nature is taking care of a lot of the oil spill problem.

Everyone seems on edge and lit up over the Lame Duck Session of Congress, coming to you courtesy of the American Voter, Nov-Jan, please make reservations, Parking not validated. Actually, I do worry about what they might (try to) do, considering that they already will have already lost and it’s not like they can be voted out a second time, right? Only problem, they can try anything they like, but without the 60 Senate votes it will not go through. After the landslide I suspect is about to happen, will even the Maine Twins, let alone Scott Brown, try to take that momentum on?

If you ask me, the possible implications of this are much deeper and heartless than even the Gulf oil spill. At least BP didn’t TRY to blow up their own oil well, costing them millions and more.

The above two stories brought to my attention by DesertGardens. Please visit, and leave comments if you like what you see.

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July 28, 2010 at 06:08

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Clicks for your Coffee 27 July 2010

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Not saying that millions of gallons of crude oil loose in the ocean is a good thing, but Mother Nature appears to take care of herself pretty darn well.

Phew! Glad we’ve got some sharp, on-the-ball news media and public officials to handle the really important, pressing issues of our day.

Obamessiah, Superstar!

That Kansas Senate race between Jerry Moran and Todd Tiahrt is getting dirtier than it was, and will probably get worse after this. Glad I live on the other side of the state line.

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July 27, 2010 at 08:20

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Clicks For Your Coffee 26 July 2010

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Take this for what it’s worth. For a “wronged” woman victim of “rightwing racism,” she sure was nowhere to be seen where it might have counted.

Strange rumors swirled the internet this weekend, and I helped push it without total confirmation. We all need to be careful, especially on the ‘net.

I’m all for open government, but this is insane. Of course our government has secrets, as it should. People’s lives can be at stake. Wikileaks should be ashamed, and prosecuted under applicable laws.

I guess he can finally get his life back now.

Looks like the Navy is keeping pressure up on the Korean peninsula. Tyrants need to understand that we do not back down and will not be intimidated, no matter what those in Washington say.

Wonder if this may be part of the reason Ms Sherrod was (almost literally) kicked to the curb so quickly?

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July 26, 2010 at 08:30

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Clicks for your Coffee Weekend Edition

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Continuing in the same topics as yesterdays, read this fantastic op ed from Baldilocks back in 2008.

I can see the value, time saved, and of course man-hours saved, of nearly automatic inventory. It sort of scares me how small, effective, and relatively unknown how powerful this stuff can be.

Ahh, you just gotta love the tolerant, understanding, and accepting left-wing Demotards, eh? So open, and so loving, even with people they disagree with.

I’m not sure whether to laugh, or crap my drawers.

PLEASE work, Embed code: ARRGH! Internetz not cooperating with my dumb self. Sooo…

Please visit here, and support the troops in the video above. Pardon me, I think I got some smoke in my eyes…

Think all “minority” people are automatically Democrats? Think again! Thanks to my favorite local radio host Darla Jaye, the Conservative Minority will be silent no more. She is making this a regular feature every Thursday night. I’ve heard and read from all these wonderful people she had on for a while, and they really tell it like it is. Anyone can listen, even if you are not in Kansas City.

Oohh boy. Who knew real-life meth-cooks watched Breaking Bad?

Friday means another new NewsBusted!

This country needs more honorable men like Allen West. Watch the video at Cubachi’s site.

This could get scary, if it goes much further.

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July 24, 2010 at 07:05

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Dreams of Ice Cream and Life Lessons

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A Twitter conversation earlier today brought this to the front of my mind. So I thought I might share it.

When I was a young child, I got many life lessons, and most of them from simple, everyday things. Saving things that could be saved and used again, painting and repairing the old bicycle instead of buying a new one, and learning the value of work.

When I think back on it, one of the most overlooked, yet most prevalent lesson was making ice cream. Let me explain.

When one is a kid, you always want to pitch in and help with the work. You want to run the vacuum cleaner, you beg to push the lawnmower, you are dying to take tools in your hands to do something. Darn it all now, I have to almost force myself to get that mower out and take care of the yard in a timely fashion.

The ice cream freezer was one such thing. Your Mom mixes up a concoction of milk, cream, sugar, eggs, depending on the recipe specifics, into a metal cylinder. That cylinder in then put into a larger bucket, filled with ice, and cranked, by hand, round and round until the delicious goodness that is fresh frozen ice cream emerges in the cylinder.

And, just like any other mechanical action, every kid wants to help. In fact, it got to the point that one our presents for our birthdays was to crank our own ice cream for the party.

Adding to it, at least in later years, I probably milked the cow that got the milk and cream, and either I or my sister gathered the eggs. Probably the only costs involved in the process were the white sugar, vanilla extract (usually imitation, as it is much cheaper), rock salt (to lower the freezing point of the ice, which even today is literally cheaper than dirt), and few other ingredients.

We never had an electric motor for our freezer, and I still consider that ‘cheating’ somehow. Although it is nice to start the mixture with the motor, and when it starts to stiffen up, then throw on the hand crank and keep going.

So there you are, your arm getting tired, your rear getting sore from the makeshift seat you have which is never the right height. You shift around, and try to make your other arm work “backwards,” so to speak, as the crank only works in one way. Very quickly, that doesn’t work well, and you adjust your seat, straighten the angle, and just keep going.

When it start getting hard to turn, you can sometimes have your brother or sister take turns for a bit. But believe me, the longer you can crank and the harder it gets, the better the results!

This, I think, is a simple life lesson than many of our children don’t get any longer. It’s very simple: put in the effort, and you get a delicious reward.

We never bought store-bought ice cream, or did it so rarely that I stand by that. And to this day, I have no desire to purchase the box of Blue Bunny, or Ben and Jerry’s, none of it. It just is not the same, and does not taste right to me. The closest I can get is some of the fast-food outlet soft-serve systems, and that may be only because I worked at McDonalds several times in my life and perhaps got used to it.

If you are a parent, and even if you are not because it’s so good, by all means you should do this. Hit your local hardware store, or order online, but find a quality ice cream freezer. More expensive, but you get what you pay for, and White Mountain brand, IMHO, is the best you can get.

Make it a treat, because there is literally no ice cream that that tastes any better than right out of the freezer you just cranked until your arm fell off. Even the same batch, placed in storage containers in the deep-freeze, will never be as good as that first dish straight from the process.

One simple, easy, work-equals-reward lesson that we can all probably use a refresher course on.

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July 23, 2010 at 21:37

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Clicks for Your Coffee 23 July 2010

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We need to keep up with this State Senate race in Illinois. I predict Ms Crenshaw will be viciously attacked like any other minority conservative routinely is, and we must keep those attacks in the spotlight.

The JouroList story gets deeper and stranger.

So much for Conservatives standing up for a woman taken out of context

I’m pretty open minded, but wouldn’t this be almost a liability in low-light survival situations?

I take back every nice thing I’ve said and benefit of any doubt I’ve allowed towards this woman.

About time! Charlie Rangel’s dirty dealings finally being publicized and scrutinized.

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July 23, 2010 at 08:26

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Shuffling A Stacked Deck of Race Cards

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Mom, this will probably be long and rambling, so you can skip this one 😉

Forty-two years ago, Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr, uttered those words, espousing his Dream: That one day, we would all judge people on the content of their character and not the color of their skin. Today, it seems we are moving rapidly backwards from that dream.

We only need to elect Barack Obama, they told us, to prove once and for all we Americans have moved on, and voted for a Black man for President. All things will be possible, they told us, providing inspiration to a new generation, opening all opportunities to everyone.

The problem, though, is that they forgot the central lesson King tried to teach us: Content of his character is what mattered, not the color of his skin.

Ever since the first rumblings started about Obama running for president after his (so-called) wonderful speech at the 2004 Democratic National Convention, the media has assaulted us with race questions. Are we ready? Have we moved past it? Can he win?

I don’t think it was a question of whether we were ready for a Black president; rather, I think it was a question of do we want this Black president. It didn’t seem to matter, though. If you questioned anything, you were thought of as racist.

After the ABC debate, where Charlie Gibson and George Stephenopolous were roundly called out for daring to question The One on his association with Reverend Jeremiah Wright or William Ayers, I recall my own thinking on the subject. I made a call one Sunday night to Beyond the Beltway, and made it to the air, with my theory. That was that America is ready for a Black president. If we woke up the next day, and found a Black man giving a speech in the White House Rose Garden, most of us would not give it a second thought. The problem was that were not ready for a Black candidate.

In the “heat of battle,” a candidate will, and in most cases should, use any ammunition they have to convince voters to cast their ballot for them. That fruit would prove too irresistible to some, using Obama’s race would, they knew, bring a lot of good press, happy coverage, and most importantly, votes.

So, Obama wins. Now, with the Fundamental Transformation of America in full swing, where are we on this wonderful world of Race Relations this was supposed to open up? Let’s recap, shall we?

Eric Holder, Attorney General, calls us a “Nation of Cowards,” for refusing to discuss race. Yet, after winning the case with the New Black Panther Party openly and blatantly intimidating voters at a Philadelphia polling place, Holder decides to drop the case, with others citing he refuses to pursue cases where whites are the victims of black criminals.

One year ago today, Obama, even admitting he didn’t have the facts about a man breaking into his house, refusing to identify himself, and acting belligerent with law enforcement officers, immediately jumped to the Cambridge Police “acted stupidly.” How’s that working out for Senator Brown, Mister President?

From the first instances of the Tea Party Protests, the left in general, and the Administration in particular, has tried to make it out to be somehow racist, that all these people don’t like is a Black man in the White House. The election of the aforementioned Scott Brown in Massachusetts, since he pulled a Fred Thompson style campaign driving a pickup truck to events, allowed MS-NBC to casually point out how driving a pickup truck was somehow racist.

Coverage has been edited so badly, it doesn’t even pass the first glance test. At one Tea Party protest, a black man was filmed carrying an AR-15 rifle slung on his back. The jurisdiction he was in allows open carry of any firearm with a few exceptions, and this was perfectly legal. That didn’t stop NBC from showing only the rifle, totally negating the fact it was carried by a black man, and waxing poetic on how racist and potentially violent these protest gatherings were.

The Southern Poverty Law Center, almost immediately after the election was final, put out a report on the rise of the “Right Wing Militias.” Basically, it amounted to anyone that had Third-Party signs or otherwise protested the current administration (on their pickup trucks, of course), or was a recent combat veteran, then that was someone to watch out for. You know, those folks are all a bunch of redneck racists anyway.

The NAACP, in their infinite wisdom, decides to condemn the entire Tea Party movement, as a bunch of racists (what else?).

When video surfaces of a black woman apparently admitting she used race as a deciding factor on who received any benefits she was entitled to provide, it’s suddenly the racist news channels like Fox News, and “scum” like Andrew Breitbart’s fault for letting the video footage even see the light of day. Never mind the NAACP, in possession of the entire speech given, with the president of the organization in attendance of that speech, immediately rush to the first microphone available to condemn her, and the White House demands she pull over to the side of the road to tender her resignation, it’s that evil Fox News and Right Wing Bloggers that “snookered” everyone into this mess.

People, this has gone on long enough. There are, indeed, white people out there who are, and act, racist on a daily basis. There are also black people who are bigger racists that most white people would ever dream of being. Don’t even get me started on the Hispanic population that somehow thinks we “stole” California from them.

No matter what I say here, the events will unfold as they will unfold. So much for starting a ‘blog and being master of the universe. I want my money back. Oh, wait this is free!

Anyway, the Democrat Campaigns, NAACP, Media Matters, the Obama Adminstration, and the media (but I think I repeated myself about four times there) will do everything they can to convince you that the Conservatives, the Tea Party people, and Republicans in general, are nothing but a bunch of racists who only want to stop the (second) First Black President from saving us all from everything.

Don’t you believe it. Stand up for what you believe, speak the truth, and speak it loudly. Make sure you are right, and the facts are on your side. Know what you believe, and how to tell it without sounding anything remotely racist. We all know that’s not what our agenda is, but we have to convince everyone else now, as well.

As I have said repeatedly, you can call me anything you want. I’ve been called a lot, and the accusation of “racist” used to bother me. Not any longer. It has lost all its meaning, thanks to you all out there in the Democrat party and the media accusing everyone of it at the drop of a hat. I. Do. Not. Care. Do your worst.

I have a dream, as well, that a person will be judged by the content of their character, and not accused of things they are not based on some perverted conception about skin color or political affiliation. Maybe, just maybe, that day will come in my lifetime.

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July 23, 2010 at 00:03

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Some Thoughts on Shirley Sherrod

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There has been quite the firestorm stirred up over the release of the Breitbart video apparently showing Shirley Sherrod admitting to not providing as much help as she could have in her position to help farmers avoid foreclosure to a white man, where she may have done more had they been black. In fact, she says exactly that.

That touched off a fast-burning fuse. Within hours, the White House and/or the Department of Agriculture (depending on who you believe, Ms. Sherrod or the White House. Personally, I’m more likely to believe her) demanded and got her resignation, and the NAACP backed the decision. And according to her, she was told that she had to resign immediately because she’s “going to be on Glenn Beck.”

Now, even watching the original, short version of her remarks, there is a little snippet at the end where she appears to be going on to make a point, but the video cuts off abruptly. But there was enough there that made me think I wonder where she was going with that?

According to Breitbart, that was the only part of the speech he had, and was looking for the rest. Also, have heard the NAACP was in possession of the entire video.

Now, the entire thing is out. And it appears she was relating a story that opened her eyes to the ugliness of racism regardless of its source. The Administration is also rethinking and reviewing its decision to demand her departure.

There is something not right here. The President of the NAACP quickly condemned Ms. Sherrod upon the initial release. He did not, however, review her speech before doing so. He didn’t even take the time to reflect “hey, I was there, that’s not what I remember her saying.” And is now claiming he was “snookered” by those evil racist tea party members. Dude, come on!

I’ve happened across a few other things here and there that suggest she is big in the Community Organizing game, and a big advocate for “Social Justice,” which in my opinion means wealth redistribution. Whatever. Those things would be enough to question her motives at a confirmation hearing, but in and of itself not a reason for firing.

But the White House couldn’t dump her fast enough. So fast, in fact, that while she was driving, they demanded she pull over on the side of the road, and tender her resignation right there. Does that ever happen with anyone else?

Very strange stuff. After hearing the content, or at least relevant parts, I’m inclined to give Ms Sherrod the benefit of the doubt, in that she was trying to express a so-called “teachable moment” in her life. And if so, we need more of that, people acting like human beings, learning, forgiving, and moving on, not the current climate of pointing fingers and screaming “raaaaacist!” at every shadow.

Either the White House is scared to flippin’ death of Breitbart, Glenn Beck, Fox News, etc, and seriously overreacted to a YouTube snippet, or there is a lot we don’t (yet) know about the good Ms. Sherrod. What that might be, I have no idea. But I also wonder if I’m giving the Administration too much credit; they sure haven’t exhibited much competence in any other endeavor.

Ed Morrissey delves further into this mess, and offers a poll on whether she should get her job back.

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July 21, 2010 at 09:16

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Refuting the Racism of the NAACP

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In response to the outrageous charges of racism in the ranks of the Tea Party Protests by the NAACP last week, Nice Deb posts a video response from Political Chips, your clearing house for all things Tea Party.

Its about five minutes long, and well worth your time.

In full disclosure, I have to admit I have never attended a Tea Party gathering. I follow very closely through radio talk shows, internet postings, and the little coverage that happens to find its way to TV news. And, for the most part, I would say I tend to agree with almost all their stances.

The Money Quote comes at about 3:10, from Apostle Claver:

“When the Socialists call you racist, they have lost the argument. They can no longer…. they can no longer refute you, debate you on the merits of the facts.”

So, that sums it up better than I could. When all you have left is to throw the “raaaaacist!” card out against your opponents, we have won. And you will notice, the gentleman uttering those words above is a Black man.

So go ahead, NAACP, (So-Called) Mainstream Media, talking heads, Olberman, Garafalo, whoever you are, call us whatever you want. This is not, and has not ever been about the race of Obama or anyone else. I don’t care if you are black, white, purple, or green, as long as you love this country, and stand to help defend the constitution, you are more than welcome in my company any time.

I don’t care about anyone’s clever editing, or infiltrators trying to make the gatherings look bad in some fashion, or the blatant lies some are trying to push. I can’t give a rip any longer if anyone wants to call me names. I simply do. not. care. any more. I know the truth, and it is not on your side any longer. Do your worst, and we’ll still be here.

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July 20, 2010 at 23:17

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