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Hate the War, Support the Troops?

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The leftards always pulled out that phrase when protesting our efforts overseas in Iraq and Afghanistan. I always gave that the benefit of the doubt, as I tend to do as often as possible.

I recall several years ago in Shawnee KS a local radio station did a fundraiser providing phone cards to troops in the field. The host repeated several times “if you really support the troops,” this was a very good way to show it. Phone cards never hurt anyone, and would likely brighten someone’s day immensely. I never got any figures or anecdotes on how that turned out, but I suspect if anyone had showed up expressing those thoughts, they would have been immediately put on the air.

Now, with today’s Moving America Forward Troopathon to raise money to purchase care packages for the troops, host Andrew Brietbart points out this passage from the O.C. Register‘s blog:

This bit of randomness is not meant to inspire target-coordinate setting but America’s troops.

Well, Oo-fucking-Rah!

Read to the end of the following announcement for details on how to watch this train wreck on the web.

This is not the attitude of someone who would support and help the troops.

I am sure there are probably many people who actually do support the troops, want to help them, and want them home safely with their families while being in disagreement with the policy that places them in harms way. But after seeing this, as just one example, I will first think “yeah, sure you do,” until that person proves otherwise to me.

Written by James Lee

July 1, 2010 at 16:31

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