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Wow: Of Honor Killings and Islamisization of Britain

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The Right Scoop continues his fantastic work catching video and audio of all things political.

This, I am afraid, is a very tame report he has found. This is pure insanity that has invaded our closest ally.

Look, honestly, I don’t care what Church you go to, or none at all. It really doesn’t make a difference. If you are Catholic, Jewish, Mormon, Christian (pick your preference here), or Muslim, I don’t give a rats behind. You go, you listen to the sermon, you learn a lesson on how to better live your life to serve humanity and your God, more power to you.

For full disclosure, I was raised in the Methodist Church, where I went to Sunday School as a young child, and on “special” Sundays we “stayed for Church,” which was probably more appropriately titled “Grown-Ups” Church. One week in the summer, we did “Bible School,” and one week we would attend “Revival” meetings. All in a country church, which on a good Sunday might draw 100 attendees.

This whole Islamist thing though, really irks me to my gills. To me, one’s religion is a personal thing. You follow Jesus, you live by his words, wonderful. You moved out west with Bringham Young and Joseph Smith, as long as you are not hurting others and are growing in a personal way, more power to ya, buddy!

The problem with Islam, though, is it requires total obedience to a psycho philosophy. Or, at least, psycho philosophy as preached by many of the hard-core Imams out there these days.

Honor Killings? Give me a break.

The US Media refuses to report, with rare exceptions, on even the existence of “Honor Killings.” The principle is that a family member, in almost all reported cases a daughter, has brought “shame” to the family, by doing something as simple as being a teenage girl and having a crush, or the absolute shame of rejecting an arranged marriage in favor of someone she has actually fallen in love with.

This is unforgivable. As the video linked above shows, the authorities in Great Britain seem to have little stomach for rooting out and stopping this sort of behavior.

Will we, as Americans, fall prey to the same “Political Correctness” that Britain has? Or will we step up as the greatest, freest nation in history, and put a stop to this sort of insane madness?

As for me, personally, I will gladly volunteer to be a one-man firing squad to dispatch ANYONE who is legally found guilty of an “Honor Killing.” There is practically nothing more despicable than causing injury or death to your own children or siblings.

So, will this post earn me a Fatwah now? Bring it on!

Written by James Lee

July 12, 2010 at 23:58

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