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Clicks For Your Coffee 15 Jul 2010

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In his continuing saga, Ed breaks down the latest Obamateurism Of The Day. Since the libs and proregressives are so hot to trot to go after raaaaacists! everywhere, does this mean they are finally for going hammer-down after the terrorists? Or will we just sue them and send them to sensitivity training?

Chris Muir continues the funding drive for Day By Day. Check it out, and help out to keep Sam, Zed, Damon, and Jan out there on the front lines for us.

Awww, poor Barry… Maybe they just aren’t that into you any more.

Hopefully, it works this time. Get that oil stopped, so us and Mother Nature can get things back to normal.

Other headlines for your perusal here.

Have a great day!

Written by James Lee

July 15, 2010 at 08:31

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