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Clicks For Your Coffee 20 July 2010

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This is a little shocking unexpected.

The so-called MainStream Media is reporting on what we all learned yesterday.

The Electoral College System exists for a reason. It’s to help prevent the tyranny of the majority. This must be stopped from being enacted, and we must allow our constitution to function as it was intended.

I shouldn’t have to put this up again, but here it is.

And here is a response from the great state of Oklahoma. Tip thanks to Real Black Widow.

And in the same vein, are we going to allow this to come to our shores without a fight?

And, now that I’ve seen my DVR recording of it, here is Sebastian’s take on last Sunday’s Top Shot on the History Channel. I must say, I enjoy this show, even if I personally could use less of the “social game” and political felgercarb that always comes out in things like this. And I really want to do all of these challenges!

And for your viewing pleasure, the folks at NewsBusters continue their fine work.

Alas, the embed codes seem to elude me, so click over to NewsBusted and enjoy the humor.

Remember the ABC Sponsored Presidential Debate
, where Curious George (Stephanopoulos) questioned then-candidate Barack Obama on his relationship with Reverend Wright and Weather Underground Terrorist Bill Ayers? Apparently, the left wingers connected to the JouroList never forgot it. Thanks to Cubachi. I still remember when Huff-n-puffington Post and Daily Kos referred to this as the “End of Democracy.”

Written by James Lee

July 20, 2010 at 06:00

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