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Clicks For Your Coffee 26 July 2010

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Take this for what it’s worth. For a “wronged” woman victim of “rightwing racism,” she sure was nowhere to be seen where it might have counted.

Strange rumors swirled the internet this weekend, and I helped push it without total confirmation. We all need to be careful, especially on the ‘net.

I’m all for open government, but this is insane. Of course our government has secrets, as it should. People’s lives can be at stake. Wikileaks should be ashamed, and prosecuted under applicable laws.

I guess he can finally get his life back now.

Looks like the Navy is keeping pressure up on the Korean peninsula. Tyrants need to understand that we do not back down and will not be intimidated, no matter what those in Washington say.

Wonder if this may be part of the reason Ms Sherrod was (almost literally) kicked to the curb so quickly?

Written by James Lee

July 26, 2010 at 08:30

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