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Clicks for your Coffee 28 July 2010

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I love the BBC show Top Gear. Enough fun, humor, ‘races,’ and cool footage to appeal to a very broad audience. And I think the audience just got bigger. We better hope that doesn’t make its way here in the degree its going on in Europe now, we’re still busy with the whole black/white race thing.

I thought in O’Barry’s White House, lobbyists were going to be the new dirty word, and they would have no influence any more?

Please com to my shop, let me keep your oil fresh, your belts tight, and your hoses leak free. You might set a record some day. By the way, nice looking car!

I’ve been intrigued by the Chevrolet Volt idea ever since I’ve heard about it. The main difference between the typical hybrid electric car and the Volt is that it’s a series system rather than a parallel system, meaning, the final drive is nothing but electric power whereas the Prius uses the gasoline engine for transmission drive. The engine in the Volt is purely to run the generator to keep the batteries charged. Still, I know I won’t be getting one at this price tag. One key quote from the article: “The technology still isn’t there to make them cheap. At the end of the day, the consumer pays a hefty premium to make a statement.” If the technology works, it will improve. If it improves, it will get better, faster, and cheaper. Then, I might be interested in at least checking it out.

Could it be? Enforcing the law might actually WORK?

Leave to the New York Times to put the worst possible spin on the fact that nature is taking care of a lot of the oil spill problem.

Everyone seems on edge and lit up over the Lame Duck Session of Congress, coming to you courtesy of the American Voter, Nov-Jan, please make reservations, Parking not validated. Actually, I do worry about what they might (try to) do, considering that they already will have already lost and it’s not like they can be voted out a second time, right? Only problem, they can try anything they like, but without the 60 Senate votes it will not go through. After the landslide I suspect is about to happen, will even the Maine Twins, let alone Scott Brown, try to take that momentum on?

If you ask me, the possible implications of this are much deeper and heartless than even the Gulf oil spill. At least BP didn’t TRY to blow up their own oil well, costing them millions and more.

The above two stories brought to my attention by DesertGardens. Please visit, and leave comments if you like what you see.

Written by James Lee

July 28, 2010 at 06:08

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