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Girls, Guns, and, uh, Paint?

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Now THIS is a work of art!

Written by James Lee

July 20, 2010 at 08:45

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Clicks For Your Coffee 20 July 2010

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This is a little shocking unexpected.

The so-called MainStream Media is reporting on what we all learned yesterday.

The Electoral College System exists for a reason. It’s to help prevent the tyranny of the majority. This must be stopped from being enacted, and we must allow our constitution to function as it was intended.

I shouldn’t have to put this up again, but here it is.

And here is a response from the great state of Oklahoma. Tip thanks to Real Black Widow.

And in the same vein, are we going to allow this to come to our shores without a fight?

And, now that I’ve seen my DVR recording of it, here is Sebastian’s take on last Sunday’s Top Shot on the History Channel. I must say, I enjoy this show, even if I personally could use less of the “social game” and political felgercarb that always comes out in things like this. And I really want to do all of these challenges!

And for your viewing pleasure, the folks at NewsBusters continue their fine work.

Alas, the embed codes seem to elude me, so click over to NewsBusted and enjoy the humor.

Remember the ABC Sponsored Presidential Debate
, where Curious George (Stephanopoulos) questioned then-candidate Barack Obama on his relationship with Reverend Wright and Weather Underground Terrorist Bill Ayers? Apparently, the left wingers connected to the JouroList never forgot it. Thanks to Cubachi. I still remember when Huff-n-puffington Post and Daily Kos referred to this as the “End of Democracy.”

Written by James Lee

July 20, 2010 at 06:00

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Just Who Are The Racists? Breitbart Strikes Again

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Stones. Glass Houses. Some assembly required.

**** Thanks to all the visitors coming from Hot Air. Take a look around, make yourselves at home ****

**UPDATE** Fox News is reporting that Shirley Sherrod has resigned her position after release of the video at the link above.

**Update 21 July** Seeing as more and more information is coming out seemingly by the hour on this situation, I have added some new thoughts on it.

Written by James Lee

July 19, 2010 at 12:03

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Clicks For Your Coffee 17 July 2010

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The title almost scared me, until I read further.

Upset will all the “free” goodies people get from Government programs? How about all the free crap illegal immigrants get? Prepare to be outraged… <>

Ed Morrissey points out that its not about trying to remove Senator Franken, despite the fact that over 1,000 illegally voting felons likely won him his senate seat, but we must maintain the accuracy, legality, and integrity of our election process.

This is a tad disturbing. Details are sketchy, but it appears that the target was mainly websites that pirated movies and other copywritten materials. It seems, though, they swept away a server with many other websites, with no apparent recourse available. Who might be next? Better to go after the lawbreakers than innocent bystanders.

Here’s a good start! Now, let’s save that money, or only use it for those who really need Medicare services. Not some new sweeping Health Control.

Who knew? Al Qaida is a bunch of raaaaacists? Baldilocks offers her unique take on this apparently asinine statement from the Imperious Doofus.

And coming full circle back to firearms, a good story from Chicago about a new up-and-coming heroine of the shooting sports.

Happy Saturday, everyone!

Written by James Lee

July 17, 2010 at 08:02

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Dallas Tea Party Video Goes After MSNBC

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Written by James Lee

July 16, 2010 at 16:59

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Clicks For Your Coffee 16 July 2010

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Just a few quick stories to start your day.

What color is the sky in Nancy Pelosio’s world? And can I get a prescription of what she is using?

Looks like some good news, finally, coming out of the Gulf from the broken oil well.

While we were busy looking at oil spills, fireworks, Mel Gibson, they have passed the financial control bill. Here’s one of probably many unknown goodies inside it. But I guess we had to pass it to find out what was in it, eh?

Looks like my favorite chain of convenience stores, Alcohol Tobacco & Firearms, has been busy lately.

So much for Benedict Arlen being unemployed starting next January.

How does this woman keep getting elected???

Good work if you can get it; This must be better than winning The Next Food Network Star or Top Chef.

Have a great day, everyone!

Written by James Lee

July 16, 2010 at 06:49

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Clicks For Your Coffee 15 Jul 2010

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In his continuing saga, Ed breaks down the latest Obamateurism Of The Day. Since the libs and proregressives are so hot to trot to go after raaaaacists! everywhere, does this mean they are finally for going hammer-down after the terrorists? Or will we just sue them and send them to sensitivity training?

Chris Muir continues the funding drive for Day By Day. Check it out, and help out to keep Sam, Zed, Damon, and Jan out there on the front lines for us.

Awww, poor Barry… Maybe they just aren’t that into you any more.

Hopefully, it works this time. Get that oil stopped, so us and Mother Nature can get things back to normal.

Other headlines for your perusal here.

Have a great day!

Written by James Lee

July 15, 2010 at 08:31

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Pathetic: Protesting Sheriff Joe Arpaio In Kansas City

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This evening was the Illegals are Illegal event in Overland Park, Kansas, where Kris Kobach gave a campaign speech in his quest to become the next Secretary of State of Kansas. Also speaking was Maricopa County Sheriff Joe Arpaio.

Kobach was very instrumental in crafting Arizona’s immigration laws that go into effect later this month, which also are nearly identical to US immigration laws. And Sheriff Joe is known for his tough-as-nails approach to law enforcement, having inmates wearing pink panties, housing them in tents and feeding them MREs (good enough for our fighting men and women, but not good enough for convicted felons?).

After shutting down the event from the Nazarine University where it was originally scheduled, it moved to the Ritz Charles Banquet hall in Overland Park. Many people turned out to hear the speakers, and a couple of hundred protesters as well.

Then, things took an ugly turn:

I was listening to the Darla Jaye show as it was live from outside the event. Suddenly with no explanation, they go to a rerun show. She later comes back on the air on a phone call, explaining about the bomb scare and they had been forced to leave the remote broadcast gear behind.

All I can say is this is pathetic. You people, meaning you left leaning socialistic open boarder peace love dope libtards, can’t seem to get your point across in honest debate, or at the ballot boxes. So what do you do? Try to shut up the opposition, demonize, and destroy.

It won’t work. We will not back down because of some wires in a briefcase. You need to come up with better arguments, and present them in a way people will support them. But I won’t hold my breath, I somehow don’t think you’ll be able to do that.

**Update** I realized I had forgotten one detail: When the police Chief announced to the room there was suspicious package, nothing certain but if you want to leave, might be a good idea, apparently NO ONE left the room and Kobach continued with his speech.

Just evidence that we are NOT backing down.

Written by James Lee

July 13, 2010 at 22:14

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Following up on “Honor Killings”

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Shortly after posting my last, I found this out there:

This story was one of the few I’ve heard about in the US media. On Fox News, the raaaaacists!

The Dallas Morning News is no bastion of Conservatism, and once again they prove it. Gee, do you feel that pointing out a father so caught up in his fervent religious fanaticism shooting his own daughters might be insulting to Islam? All, of course, while the father maintains his freedom, last I had heard, in Egypt?

Words escape me. What the HELL is wrong with this world?

Written by James Lee

July 13, 2010 at 00:59

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Wow: Of Honor Killings and Islamisization of Britain

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The Right Scoop continues his fantastic work catching video and audio of all things political.

This, I am afraid, is a very tame report he has found. This is pure insanity that has invaded our closest ally.

Look, honestly, I don’t care what Church you go to, or none at all. It really doesn’t make a difference. If you are Catholic, Jewish, Mormon, Christian (pick your preference here), or Muslim, I don’t give a rats behind. You go, you listen to the sermon, you learn a lesson on how to better live your life to serve humanity and your God, more power to you.

For full disclosure, I was raised in the Methodist Church, where I went to Sunday School as a young child, and on “special” Sundays we “stayed for Church,” which was probably more appropriately titled “Grown-Ups” Church. One week in the summer, we did “Bible School,” and one week we would attend “Revival” meetings. All in a country church, which on a good Sunday might draw 100 attendees.

This whole Islamist thing though, really irks me to my gills. To me, one’s religion is a personal thing. You follow Jesus, you live by his words, wonderful. You moved out west with Bringham Young and Joseph Smith, as long as you are not hurting others and are growing in a personal way, more power to ya, buddy!

The problem with Islam, though, is it requires total obedience to a psycho philosophy. Or, at least, psycho philosophy as preached by many of the hard-core Imams out there these days.

Honor Killings? Give me a break.

The US Media refuses to report, with rare exceptions, on even the existence of “Honor Killings.” The principle is that a family member, in almost all reported cases a daughter, has brought “shame” to the family, by doing something as simple as being a teenage girl and having a crush, or the absolute shame of rejecting an arranged marriage in favor of someone she has actually fallen in love with.

This is unforgivable. As the video linked above shows, the authorities in Great Britain seem to have little stomach for rooting out and stopping this sort of behavior.

Will we, as Americans, fall prey to the same “Political Correctness” that Britain has? Or will we step up as the greatest, freest nation in history, and put a stop to this sort of insane madness?

As for me, personally, I will gladly volunteer to be a one-man firing squad to dispatch ANYONE who is legally found guilty of an “Honor Killing.” There is practically nothing more despicable than causing injury or death to your own children or siblings.

So, will this post earn me a Fatwah now? Bring it on!

Written by James Lee

July 12, 2010 at 23:58

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