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I Voted Today! Did You?

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Those words are on the red and white sticker handed to me after I slid my ballot into the tabulator this morning, and I will be wearing it all day.

Today is Primary day in Missouri, and Kansas as well. Not a lot of issues or candidates to decide on this time, but two very big ones were there. One was the Republican to run in November to become the new United States Senator for the retiring Kit Bond, the other was Proposition C.

Officially, there were nine Republicans vying for the Senate nomination, but there were really only two who count in my opinion. (Heck, I didn’t even know more than two were running prior to looking up the ballot last weekend to prepare!) Roy Blunt, the multi-term Representative from the Springfield area, and Chuck Purgason, currently a Missouri State Senator.

You may not know Purgason’s name, but you’ve probably heard of him recently if you pay attention to news and politics. He recently led a filibuster on the senate floor in opposition to the Special Session’s bill to provide special tax incentives for Ford Motor Company to keep the Claycomo plant open and expand.

(As an aside, things like this prove that both sides of political spectrum understand that tax cuts bring jobs and revenue. What happens when a city, county, or state wants to attract a new business, or keep a current one? Offer tax cuts!)

Purgason was not against giving businesses tax cuts, per se. His issue was carving out a special one targeting just one business, thereby having the government choosing the winners and losers in a supposed free-market system. I have to agree with that, the tax burden on all businesses should be as low as possible, with minimal interference, and allow them to rise and fall based on their own business models and performance and satisfaction of their customers.

Blunt will likely win the primary, however, due to a very high name recognition and large campaign war chest. While I don’t really have a particular issue with Mr. Blunt, he has been a Washington insider for a good many years, and is known for bringing home the pork projects and earmarks. As the theme in many of our minds this year is that we need new blood and new ideas, and ‘throw the bums out,’ I feel the best choice is to actually get someone new in there.

In November, if Blunt does win today, I will support him, as Robin Carnahan, the likely Democrat candidate, would be nothing more than another lock-step Democrat Obama vote in the Senate.

The other issue is Proposition C. In a nutshell, it says that the Federal Government can not impose fines or other punishments to residents of Missouri for not purchasing health insurance. Or in other words, take your ObamaCare Health Control and stick it!

I suspect this will overwhelming pass today. However, there will be challenges, lawsuits, and other obstacles to overcome. Whether it will prevail in the end is anyone’s guess at this point. One thing will be certain, however: Americans do not want big government control of any more of their lives than they already have. And this will send a clear signal to others who wish to impose their control over other aspects of our lives and businesses.

So if you are a Missouri voter, make sure you get out today. Take a couple of bottles of water, as it’s very hot today. And let’s heat up the political landscape while we are at it!

Written by James Lee

August 3, 2010 at 08:49

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  2. I bet you wish george bush was still president now

    Mrs. Anti-Virus

    August 15, 2010 at 02:16

    • Not particularly. But he was a darn sight better than what we have now!

      James Lee

      August 15, 2010 at 11:54

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