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Voting Problems?

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Here we are on election day in Missouri, Kansas, and (I think Wisconsin?). Four hours into it, and I’m already hearing anecdotal accounts of irregularities and shenanigans at polling places.

Republican signs being taken down, but Democrat signs being left up. Now, what is the point of that today?? This a the primary today, you imbeciles! We are not voting R v D today.

The way it works in Missouri is called “open primary” system. Meaning, you don’t register as a voter of a particular party. When you show up at the polling station for the primary, you sign in, initial the book, and they ask you which party you want to vote in then. The other report I’d heard this morning was that Republican ballots were being rejected by the machines as being the wrong size, or some such felgercarb.

Here we are, over two hundred and thirty years into this experiment known as the United States of America. Today, we have a credit card industry that can handle billions of dollars of transaction every day, to the penny, with very few mistakes. We can’t figure out this voting thing? Touch-screens that need “re calibrated” and “fill in the circle” paper ballots that won’t scan.

Seems to me there would be something pretty easy to handle the situation. We need something substantial, let’s say a heavy stock paper, about 4″ by 8″ so they are easy to sort and handle. And maybe some way to have a clear choice marked, let’s say, maybe a hole punched in a certain spot, or something. And it would help if there could be some kind of machine that could quickly shuffle them and tabulate the various choices offered for any given election.

Come on, enterprising Americans. Let’s get on this, I think we might have something here.

Written by James Lee

August 3, 2010 at 10:39

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