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Rough economic times hit us all, in all sorts of ways. Sometimes, after a layoff, decreased sales, or other factors that lead to lower household income, people might skip the weekly dinner-and-a-movie they usually do. They may put off buying that new car they’ve been wanting, or canceling or downgrading their cable service to save a few dollars.

Some might even not purchase things they want (but don’t actually need). Like not buying the name brands, or cutting out some products all together such as cigarettes.

But if you live in Washington DC and have a “prescription” for medical marijuana, you may soon get a discount. How much you want to bet that our tax dollars will go towards financing this? The article does not specify that, however, I don’t see any other way to make it work.

Myself, I’m sort of agnostic on pot. Arguments exist either way for the legalization of it, but the fact is it IS illegal except under certain conditions in certain jurisdictions. As such, I have absolutely zero experience with it myself. Probably one of the few such ‘squares’ left these days. Oh well, I’ll stick with my beer and tobacco.

Truth is that many people get what amounts to, in my opinion, fake prescriptions for pot. I don’t doubt that in some cases there may be a genuine need, but I suspect those are very few and far between in the total of actual users. Why do I think this? Simple: Money. If there was a magical medicinal quality to marijuana that could not be provided by other means, does anyone seriously doubt that drug companies would not want to be cashing in this? They talk endlessly about the evil lobbyists for the Big Drugs, now we are to think they are completely powerless to slip in a little carve out to let them produce and sell pot?

So until that happens, I do not want my tax dollars going to subsidize a bunch of junkies. You want to do nothing and smoke weed all day? Fine, as far as I’m concerned, you’re really only hurting yourself, blow your brains out. But I support my own bad habits, all I expect is for you to do the same!

Thanks to Joe Dan Gorman for pointing this out.

Written by James Lee

August 6, 2010 at 10:33

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