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Mister Cleaver Holds a Town Hall

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Well, sort of. A telephone town hall meeting, or at least was supposed to.

I never answer the home phone. There are several reasons for this. One, it’s never anyone I want to talk to. Two, it’s always marketers, or bill collectors who have us mixed up with someone else. And three, anyone we actually do want to talk to has our cell numbers. In fact, if it wasn’t for the DSL connection I am posting this from, I think we might not even have a home phone.

We do, however, have an answering machine on the land line. Rather than try to get all cutesy with a greeting message, we just left the stock computer-generated voice saying “At the tone, record message.” I never fail to get a kick out of some of the telemarketers that are too stupid to figure out they are talking to a recorder.

“Hello, is Mister Schmuckatelly there? ….. Hello? …… Helllllloooooo? Mister Schmuckatelly? Hello?………. Hello?”

Sometimes that goes on for a minute or more.

So this afternoon I’m going through about a weeks worth of amusement, and I hear a voice on message eight saying “Hello, I’m Representative Emmanuel Cleaver.” He went on to say that he was sorry to interrupt our evening, but he was holding a telephone town hall meeting in a few moments.

I suspect the Democrats got our number from when MrsJamesLee had thought about volunteering for Claire McCaskill’s governor run in 2004 (which failed, although sometimes I think she may have done less damage as Governor than she seems to be doing currently as soon-to-be Senior Senator from Missouri) or for Hillary Clinton’s presidential run. Either way, I thought it might be nice to hear what Mister Clever, er, Cleaver had to say.

All we had to do, he said on the machine, was stay on the line, and we’d be connected to the meeting shortly, which would be discussing his Green Impact Zone that he managed to work into Barack Obama’s Very Large Stimulating Package (phrase shamelessly stolen from Chris Merrill). What it amounts to is a gazillion dollars to be spent in a specific 150-block area of south Kansas City to help “green” up the neighborhood, such as installing insulated windows and “smart” thermostats so they can cut off your air conditioning if they want from the power company’s office.

Or, as I like to call it, the “let’s spend lots of money in my core voter bloc area and give that money to other crooks, cronies and contractors I call my support since before I’ve been Mayor” Act.

So, I’m wondering a couple of things at this point of the answering machine message: One, I wondered if he had any idea who was about to be listening, and two, how long does this electronic recorder go? And why does he think I care, as my neighborhood is about as far from the Zone as can be while still being inside Missouri Five.

So, he continued, just stay on the line, or if you can’t and would like to know more, contact the office or the website. So I keep listening, and hear an elevator/on-hold music selection start. After about twenty or thirty seconds, it fades, then fades back in. About two or three minutes later, there is a beep signaling the end of the call.

I was a bit disappointed, to tell the truth. I was wanting to hear all about how wonderful things are since he got on the case. So, I’m not sure it even really happened.

But no matter. I will be voting for Jacob Turk, and I strongly urge any other voters residing in Missouri Five to consider the same action. Rather than letting politicians take our tax dollars and decide who deserves their windows caulked more than others, let’s work to get government out of our way as much as possible and let the markets work to raise everyone up.

Written by James Lee

August 7, 2010 at 15:57

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