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Clicks For Your Coffee Bad Luck Day Edition

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Knowing he can’t argue the facts, Imperious Doofus chooses to attack and demonize a group like Americans for Prosperity. Worried about “foreign influence” in our elections? Yo, Barry, you think we’ve forgotten the fund raising fraud you were ultimately in charge of with suspicious credit card donations coming from Gaza? Idiot.

One more from Hot Air: Mr. President, this is how a Commander In Chief behaves.

Can someone please do something to shut down Wikileaks? I’m all for transparency in government, but there are things that can and do put innocent lives at risk if released to general public, not to mention harm to ongoing operations involving national security.

As far as I’m concerned, the national anthem is about as “content neutral” as one can get. Having visited Washington DC, I remember being in almost awe at the sights, monuments, and memorials. I certainly can understand the urge to break into the Star Spangled Banner, and if someone had done so while I was there, I most likely would have joined in.

It’s a start. But apparently, it is more important for Democrats to spend Forty Three times more money to pay off and shore up public sector unions. Which do you think is more important?

Have a great and lucky Friday the 13th!

Written by James Lee

August 13, 2010 at 08:44

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