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Blogger Payola and Employment Opportunities

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This morning, Ed at Hot Air puts up a story about campaigns paying bloggers for favorable coverage.

For the record, I would like to state that I have never been paid one dime, or any amount, for any of my blogging, opinionating, or other postings.

Also for the record, if there are conservative candidates who would be interested in forwarding some payment my way for mentions, I would be interested. I would, of course, disclose up front and often that I was working for a campaign or campaign committee, and would give my honest opinion. So it would help if I agreed with the candidate to start with.

Feel free to contact me in the comments, and I’ll discuss it with you.

**note** please note the (mostly) tongue-in-cheek aspect of this post

**Update** Just to be clear, I was making a joke. I would, however like to expand on that for a moment.

My own little corner of the blogosphere is rated at probably a little under nothing in terms of the other wonderful blogs out there, and if you could see the small number of reads I get on average, you would agree. I’m using a free account, and would like to thank for having this platform available to us. This is mainly a place for me to vent, practice my writing, and hopefully eventually get a little notice.

I have said for a long time that I would love to be involved in politics in some fashion as a way to make a living. But at the same time, I would only do it my terms. I am hesitant to actually get into the Party aspect of it, as there are many things I don’t care about the Republican party, although they are the best alternative out there right now.

My joking about taking money for posts is just that. I would not “sell out” any integrity I might have before I even develop it.

However, if there are larger blogs, newspaper folks, or others in a position to offer a paying position for me to write, I am more than open to that aspect. I would not relinquish editorial control of my work, at least not beyond proofreading and/or cleaning up writing styles and such, but not to the point of forcing a story, column, or post to push or suggest an idea I did not approve of.

But if there is anyone out there who likes what they read, and would like to see about perhaps adding me to a paying gig, that would be very open to my looking into.

Written by James Lee

August 23, 2010 at 14:35

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