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Clicks for Your Coffee 11 Aug 2010

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Running late today, but better late than never?

Ed Schultz is still an idiot. Just thought you might want to know. Off the top of my head, I can refute half of his arguments. How in the name of all that is Ratings Holy does this imbicile still have air time?

Speaking of outliving your air time, is anyone else sick of hearing about Ricky Hollywood? You know, punk, you almost had us. We were ready to give you a chance to do right by your child, and atone for past transgressions. Believe me, there are those of us who would kill for the opportunity you had with yours. And you pissed it away for a magazine cover and a D-List tramp who’s already dumped your sorry patootie. Kid, you really need to get your life in order. Check out Russ for one of the best smackdowns I’ve seen to date.

Congress turns to the internet to name the new Very Large Stimulating Package.

RIP, Senator Stevens.

Hey, here’s an idea, Mister Ill, emphasis on the ILL, why not try to actually have your country produce something, besides hatred and lies, something they can actually eat? North Korea, you will never, ever, in a million years, ever be able to even HOPE to best the United States in a nuclear duel. You launch one thing that we deem a significant threat, you will cease to exist almost instantaneously. Why must you play these games? Here’s an idea, take the ginsing you’ve been hoarding, make it into an “energy drink,” and sell it in the States in mini marts nationwide. You make a good one, you’ll pocket more cash than you ever did trying blackmail us with your pathetic “nuclear” threat. Doosh.

I’m so sick of this
. They have gone far enough in invading free choice for good of the collective. While I do not totally disagree with the overall tone of the article, that parents should be more responsible and raise their children right, there comes a point when the Nanny State has too much control. And I would actually like to see the actual scientific facts of this statement:

“”Evidence from the US indicates that more young children are killed by parental smoking than by all other unintentional injuries combined.”

Harry Reid, I would like you to meet one proud Hispanic Republican.

Written by James Lee

August 11, 2010 at 09:47

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Clicks For Your Coffee 10 Aug 2010

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Somehow, I’m thinking this might be the best way to deal with the Ground Zero Mosque I’ve seen yet.

Go ahead. Tell me you never wanted to do this, or whatever the equivalent is at your job. We all have. I learned something very early working a job flipping burgers. I did it in High school, and when I was in the Navy, I realized I could gain lots of beer money by doing what I knew at night. The moment I realized that I did. not. need. that. job. it was one of the most liberating thoughts of my life. I don’t think I ever pulled the “escape chute,” but wow! it would have felt good a couple of times to do it.

I hope this link goes to the right place. If this is not a real commercial, it should be!

Psssst! Obama! Dems! George W Bush was not, is not, and will not be, on the ballot this fall. I know many of your supporters think you beat Bush, but you did not. Try again, punk.

This is not good. One consolation, though, would be that the missiles themselves are very unlikely to go up as a result of a fire. Maybe damaged beyond repair, and possibly releasing radiation, but the warhead should be stable.

Great. Everyone keep safe, and keep your eyes open.

Written by James Lee

August 10, 2010 at 08:15

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Mister Cleaver Holds a Town Hall

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Well, sort of. A telephone town hall meeting, or at least was supposed to.

I never answer the home phone. There are several reasons for this. One, it’s never anyone I want to talk to. Two, it’s always marketers, or bill collectors who have us mixed up with someone else. And three, anyone we actually do want to talk to has our cell numbers. In fact, if it wasn’t for the DSL connection I am posting this from, I think we might not even have a home phone.

We do, however, have an answering machine on the land line. Rather than try to get all cutesy with a greeting message, we just left the stock computer-generated voice saying “At the tone, record message.” I never fail to get a kick out of some of the telemarketers that are too stupid to figure out they are talking to a recorder.

“Hello, is Mister Schmuckatelly there? ….. Hello? …… Helllllloooooo? Mister Schmuckatelly? Hello?………. Hello?”

Sometimes that goes on for a minute or more.

So this afternoon I’m going through about a weeks worth of amusement, and I hear a voice on message eight saying “Hello, I’m Representative Emmanuel Cleaver.” He went on to say that he was sorry to interrupt our evening, but he was holding a telephone town hall meeting in a few moments.

I suspect the Democrats got our number from when MrsJamesLee had thought about volunteering for Claire McCaskill’s governor run in 2004 (which failed, although sometimes I think she may have done less damage as Governor than she seems to be doing currently as soon-to-be Senior Senator from Missouri) or for Hillary Clinton’s presidential run. Either way, I thought it might be nice to hear what Mister Clever, er, Cleaver had to say.

All we had to do, he said on the machine, was stay on the line, and we’d be connected to the meeting shortly, which would be discussing his Green Impact Zone that he managed to work into Barack Obama’s Very Large Stimulating Package (phrase shamelessly stolen from Chris Merrill). What it amounts to is a gazillion dollars to be spent in a specific 150-block area of south Kansas City to help “green” up the neighborhood, such as installing insulated windows and “smart” thermostats so they can cut off your air conditioning if they want from the power company’s office.

Or, as I like to call it, the “let’s spend lots of money in my core voter bloc area and give that money to other crooks, cronies and contractors I call my support since before I’ve been Mayor” Act.

So, I’m wondering a couple of things at this point of the answering machine message: One, I wondered if he had any idea who was about to be listening, and two, how long does this electronic recorder go? And why does he think I care, as my neighborhood is about as far from the Zone as can be while still being inside Missouri Five.

So, he continued, just stay on the line, or if you can’t and would like to know more, contact the office or the website. So I keep listening, and hear an elevator/on-hold music selection start. After about twenty or thirty seconds, it fades, then fades back in. About two or three minutes later, there is a beep signaling the end of the call.

I was a bit disappointed, to tell the truth. I was wanting to hear all about how wonderful things are since he got on the case. So, I’m not sure it even really happened.

But no matter. I will be voting for Jacob Turk, and I strongly urge any other voters residing in Missouri Five to consider the same action. Rather than letting politicians take our tax dollars and decide who deserves their windows caulked more than others, let’s work to get government out of our way as much as possible and let the markets work to raise everyone up.

Written by James Lee

August 7, 2010 at 15:57

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And Not a Pot to…

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Rough economic times hit us all, in all sorts of ways. Sometimes, after a layoff, decreased sales, or other factors that lead to lower household income, people might skip the weekly dinner-and-a-movie they usually do. They may put off buying that new car they’ve been wanting, or canceling or downgrading their cable service to save a few dollars.

Some might even not purchase things they want (but don’t actually need). Like not buying the name brands, or cutting out some products all together such as cigarettes.

But if you live in Washington DC and have a “prescription” for medical marijuana, you may soon get a discount. How much you want to bet that our tax dollars will go towards financing this? The article does not specify that, however, I don’t see any other way to make it work.

Myself, I’m sort of agnostic on pot. Arguments exist either way for the legalization of it, but the fact is it IS illegal except under certain conditions in certain jurisdictions. As such, I have absolutely zero experience with it myself. Probably one of the few such ‘squares’ left these days. Oh well, I’ll stick with my beer and tobacco.

Truth is that many people get what amounts to, in my opinion, fake prescriptions for pot. I don’t doubt that in some cases there may be a genuine need, but I suspect those are very few and far between in the total of actual users. Why do I think this? Simple: Money. If there was a magical medicinal quality to marijuana that could not be provided by other means, does anyone seriously doubt that drug companies would not want to be cashing in this? They talk endlessly about the evil lobbyists for the Big Drugs, now we are to think they are completely powerless to slip in a little carve out to let them produce and sell pot?

So until that happens, I do not want my tax dollars going to subsidize a bunch of junkies. You want to do nothing and smoke weed all day? Fine, as far as I’m concerned, you’re really only hurting yourself, blow your brains out. But I support my own bad habits, all I expect is for you to do the same!

Thanks to Joe Dan Gorman for pointing this out.

Written by James Lee

August 6, 2010 at 10:33

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Happy Birthday, Mister President

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The President’s birthday is today, and Missouri voters yesterday gave him the best present possible in my opinion: A hard smack-down of his signature Health Control legislation.

With Proposition C passing at about 71/29, the message should be crystal clear to everyone. We do not want expanded government, nanny statism, and higher taxes to pay for it all. You can’t usually get 70 percent of people to agree that today is Wednesday, but this united people from both sides of the political spectrum.

This should also be a signal that Republicans should have no problem running on the “Repeal Obamacare” platform. That, of course, will only be the first step to actually dismantling the government behemoth that we have allowed to build for the last several decades.

Written by James Lee

August 4, 2010 at 10:08

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Voting Problems?

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Here we are on election day in Missouri, Kansas, and (I think Wisconsin?). Four hours into it, and I’m already hearing anecdotal accounts of irregularities and shenanigans at polling places.

Republican signs being taken down, but Democrat signs being left up. Now, what is the point of that today?? This a the primary today, you imbeciles! We are not voting R v D today.

The way it works in Missouri is called “open primary” system. Meaning, you don’t register as a voter of a particular party. When you show up at the polling station for the primary, you sign in, initial the book, and they ask you which party you want to vote in then. The other report I’d heard this morning was that Republican ballots were being rejected by the machines as being the wrong size, or some such felgercarb.

Here we are, over two hundred and thirty years into this experiment known as the United States of America. Today, we have a credit card industry that can handle billions of dollars of transaction every day, to the penny, with very few mistakes. We can’t figure out this voting thing? Touch-screens that need “re calibrated” and “fill in the circle” paper ballots that won’t scan.

Seems to me there would be something pretty easy to handle the situation. We need something substantial, let’s say a heavy stock paper, about 4″ by 8″ so they are easy to sort and handle. And maybe some way to have a clear choice marked, let’s say, maybe a hole punched in a certain spot, or something. And it would help if there could be some kind of machine that could quickly shuffle them and tabulate the various choices offered for any given election.

Come on, enterprising Americans. Let’s get on this, I think we might have something here.

Written by James Lee

August 3, 2010 at 10:39

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I Voted Today! Did You?

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Those words are on the red and white sticker handed to me after I slid my ballot into the tabulator this morning, and I will be wearing it all day.

Today is Primary day in Missouri, and Kansas as well. Not a lot of issues or candidates to decide on this time, but two very big ones were there. One was the Republican to run in November to become the new United States Senator for the retiring Kit Bond, the other was Proposition C.

Officially, there were nine Republicans vying for the Senate nomination, but there were really only two who count in my opinion. (Heck, I didn’t even know more than two were running prior to looking up the ballot last weekend to prepare!) Roy Blunt, the multi-term Representative from the Springfield area, and Chuck Purgason, currently a Missouri State Senator.

You may not know Purgason’s name, but you’ve probably heard of him recently if you pay attention to news and politics. He recently led a filibuster on the senate floor in opposition to the Special Session’s bill to provide special tax incentives for Ford Motor Company to keep the Claycomo plant open and expand.

(As an aside, things like this prove that both sides of political spectrum understand that tax cuts bring jobs and revenue. What happens when a city, county, or state wants to attract a new business, or keep a current one? Offer tax cuts!)

Purgason was not against giving businesses tax cuts, per se. His issue was carving out a special one targeting just one business, thereby having the government choosing the winners and losers in a supposed free-market system. I have to agree with that, the tax burden on all businesses should be as low as possible, with minimal interference, and allow them to rise and fall based on their own business models and performance and satisfaction of their customers.

Blunt will likely win the primary, however, due to a very high name recognition and large campaign war chest. While I don’t really have a particular issue with Mr. Blunt, he has been a Washington insider for a good many years, and is known for bringing home the pork projects and earmarks. As the theme in many of our minds this year is that we need new blood and new ideas, and ‘throw the bums out,’ I feel the best choice is to actually get someone new in there.

In November, if Blunt does win today, I will support him, as Robin Carnahan, the likely Democrat candidate, would be nothing more than another lock-step Democrat Obama vote in the Senate.

The other issue is Proposition C. In a nutshell, it says that the Federal Government can not impose fines or other punishments to residents of Missouri for not purchasing health insurance. Or in other words, take your ObamaCare Health Control and stick it!

I suspect this will overwhelming pass today. However, there will be challenges, lawsuits, and other obstacles to overcome. Whether it will prevail in the end is anyone’s guess at this point. One thing will be certain, however: Americans do not want big government control of any more of their lives than they already have. And this will send a clear signal to others who wish to impose their control over other aspects of our lives and businesses.

So if you are a Missouri voter, make sure you get out today. Take a couple of bottles of water, as it’s very hot today. And let’s heat up the political landscape while we are at it!

Written by James Lee

August 3, 2010 at 08:49

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