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Illegal Immigrant ID Outrage (And Guns)

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From KLBJ via RightWing News.

One of the gun dealers of Austin’s Gun Show is sentenced to 6-months at a federal work camp for selling a weapon to an undocumented immigrant. Independent firearms dealer-Paul Copeland says for years he has commonly sold handguns and antique weapons with no problems and prior to his arrest the illegal immigrant showed him what appeared to be a valid Texas driver’s license.

Now, to be fair, the article does not go on to say whether the ID was actually valid or not. Or if not, just how good a forgery it may have been. I’ve heard of many instances where forgeries were good enough to fool actual law enforcement officers.

The problem in my mind is the hypocrisy. The Obama administration has three, count them three lawsuits against the State of Arizona. One, trying to overturn Arizona’s new SB1070 law, which mirrors federal law concerning non-citizens and documentation. Another, against Sheriff Joe Arpiao, for failing to turn over documentation in a fishing expedition they are conducting, trying to find “civil rights violations.” And a third against a community college, who, when hiring people, were actually filling out the I-9 form with proper IDs provided by those they hired. Oh, the horror!

But in this instance, it seems that not seeing proper ID, even though the dealer in question did attempt to follow proper laws and procedures, landed him in hot water.

So which is it going be? Do we ask for ID in compliance with the law, or do we not? Do we pick and choose? Are there going to be secret decoder rings for us to consult to tell us when we should check or not?

Oh, and one more thing:

He says none of the undocumented immigrants that were asked to testify against him were arrested by federal agents.

At least they didn’t give the illegals Magic Passes to cross the border at will, such as they did with the drug smuggler that Border Agents shot in the rear.

Written by James Lee

September 4, 2010 at 12:20

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  1. Austin Gun Show has been a sticking point for a long time here. They have tried a number of times to shut it down, all without success.

    If I were the tin foil hat wearing kind of person, I would think, knowing the past run-ins with the law and that gun show, that they provided a valid TX DL to an illegal just to cause this stink.


    September 8, 2010 at 11:45

    • Chris, sometimes I find it surprising when I think to myself that nothing would surprise me. Not a nice feeling about the direction we are headed.

      James Lee

      September 8, 2010 at 12:12

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