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Establishment Still Doesn’t Get It. Murkycowski Attacks Free Speech

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In a chilling development in the Alaskan Senate race, Lysa proves first hand why one of the main concerns of the Tea Party movement is taking on the Establishment. At Hot Air, Ed details her and her campaigns attempts to bitterly cling to the power she has already lost.

After running a contest to get Alaskans to add themselves to a list of write-in candidates for the Senate race, Lisa Murkowski’s ad buyer threatened to get the FCC involved in Dan Fagan’s “electioneering” — and got him taken off the air.

As I have said before, this ‘revolution’ is not about Republican versus Democrat. This is about the Constitution and American values. I don’t want this sort of behavior coming from anyone, but especially don’t want this coming from “my” side of the aisle.

All this episode is is a conniption fit by a spoiled brat who seems to think its her “right” to do anything she wants to keep her power. That is not how this nation works. The voters in Alaska, right or wrong, made their decision about her in the Primary. She can, following the applicable laws, refile and run as a third party, or write in, depending on the exact laws of the state in question. Joe Lieberman did exactly that a few years ago after losing his primary to the Move-On crowd.

But this intimidation, arm twisting, and threatening by her campaign simply proves, at least to me, that the primary voters in Alaska were right in the first place.

This should also be a warning to all the Republicans who are about to win in what will be a tidal wave bloodbath on Tuesday. Watch your backs, Republicans, do the right thing, and remember what you promised you would do. Otherwise, you will be the target next time around.

Written by James Lee

October 30, 2010 at 11:09

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WOW! Grassroots May Flip Mo-5 To Republican Jacob Turk

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Forget about your witches, bitches, Rubios and Franks, if this actually happens, and it may, this will be the story next Wednesday morning after the election dust settles.

Jacob Turk has mounted a total grassroots campaign to unseat Rev. Emanuel Cleaver in the 5th District of Missouri. He’s a former Marine, business owner, and a great man; the bad news is that he has already tried this twice before and lost to Mr. Cleaver both times. But this time just might be different!

That may help explain why the RNC, RCCC, the MoGOP, and even Conservative commentators on local talk radio have had written this one off. Granted, Kansas City, making up the bulk of Mo-5, is heavy, long-term Democrat territory. And, a poll commissioned in the last week or so showed Turk within about 9 points of Cleaver. Closer than ever, but still a long ways off.

As I’m driving home, however, I hear on the radio, that apparently a new poll (or polls?) have put Jacob Turk within the margin of error, tied, or marginally leading.

This is huge. Republicans haven’t taken the 5th since about 1946, or something like that. And when Cleaver first won office, I figured he would be there for life like so many others from districts similar to this one.

Not one dime has come from PACs, according to Turk. He is also not getting any help from the national Republican organization; no money, no advertising, scant few (if any) endorsements. His entire campaign has been volunteers, and good citizens concerned about our country giving $20 here, $50 there, volunteering to work phone banks or knock on doors.

I am almost ashamed to admit, however, I have not contributed myself, aside from words posted here. My business finance situation leaves me less than zero extra cash, and business hours make it very difficult to be away from the shop. So I will offer my apologies now to Mr. Turk.

But, the bottom line will be this: If he pulls this off, and pulls the upset of the decade by winning on Tuesday, you can be assured he will be beholden to no one. No “special interests” will be able to wave that canceled check to sway his vote. The Republican Party machine won’t be able to strong-arm him into toeing the Party Line. Isn’t that what we really want in our elected officials?

I urge any of my readers (all 14 of you LOL) to give any help you can. If you can link this post, spread the word, and pass it on, maybe it will make it back to others reading in Kansas City. That one vote we might get just may make the difference. And if you do live here, I beg of you, I implore you, at all costs, make sure you vote on Tuesday.

And when the pundits are scratching their heads Wednesday morning saying they never saw this coming, you can smile and say you saw it here first!

Here is his television spot. Classy guy, refuses to run negative attack advertising against Mr. Cleaver, even though there is much to throw at him.

I am currently trying to find a link to the polling information, as I like to know on my own things are as I am told. Will update as soon as I know.



Still no official word on the source of the polls, but here would be the place to find it when comes out!


These numbers are apparently coming from private polling firms, and can’t actually be published. NiceDeb has it here, click over for the video.

Written by James Lee

October 27, 2010 at 20:52

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DADT On The Ropes

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A recent court ruling is attempting to do what Congress is apparently dragging their feet on.

Now, I am honestly not well versed on how all the nuances in the policy work, but I was under the impression that Don’t Ask Don’t Tell was an executive order signed by President Clinton in the early 1990s. As such, shouldn’t President Obama be able to effectively overturn it with another order?

Well, either way, it appears the policy is on its final days.

In a way, I would say it’s probably time. Now, to be totally honest, I’m as straight as straight can be. I never even liked seeing guys in, um, shall we say, adult film scenes. Not that I would know much about that. Homosexuality is something that I simply don’t understand, and probably never will. That is not to say that I am some sort of fundamentalist about it, though.

As far as I’m concerned, what someone does in their own private life and their own bedroom with another consenting adult, well, I figure its not much of my business. Just don’t try to make it something I must see or accept lest I be considered some sort of bigot. At the same time, I don’t think that a healthy, committed relationship would necessarily compromise your job performance, regardless of whether its a gay or straight relationship. And of course, there can be problems with both.

I know, from experience, that military units tend to foster a sort of locker-room mentality. Guys will brag of their exploits. I suppose women can and will do the same thing, but I got out before women were serving widely in combat units. This will probably happen no matter what.

Maybe it’s the way I was brought up, but I think overall that ones private life is exactly that: Private. I never even liked seeing a straight couple making out in public. A quick kiss hello, or a hug to say goodbye at the airport is one thing, but please!

I think a lot of the issue, aside from a long-time stigma attached to homosexuality, is the stereotypical image many get when picturing “gays.” I think that image is that of the San Francisco Pride parade that always seemed to make the news, or someone like character of Jack McFarland from the long-running Will and Grace television series; flamboyant, and over the top drama queen.

On the other hand, as the ‘lifestyle’ becomes more accepted in open society, we learn that many more are like Will, from the same show. Will was a lawyer, went to work every day, had trials and tribulations much like everyone else. Pretty much ‘normal,’ so to speak, except he just like to date fellow men.

As more of that type of gay person has been seen in many, if not most, of our own lives, we have come to understand that they aren’t some sort of wild deviant who is trying to ‘recruit’ everyone. I think, on the whole, this is good for society. And, I don’t see how some I have come to know, the so-called ‘normal’ ones, would be a problem for the military if the military life is the course they choose to follow. Obviously, though, the same rules concerning eligibility, advancement, and behavior, must apply across the board, and this must never become some sort of quota-based system with regards to recruiting or promotions. That is my big fear in this issue.

There are things that will have to be considered before the policy in the military is fully opened. Berthing assignments, for example, might be one issue that must be addressed. Safety of each member of the military must also be considered, as there are still some very violent anti-homosexual people out there.

All in all, I believe that allowing openness, at least to a degree, will be a large step forward for our society in general.

Written by James Lee

October 19, 2010 at 21:16

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Tell Me This Is Wrong: Woody Cozad Speaks Truth

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For years, I’ve said that Woody Cozad ranks up with George Will and other Conservative figures in our country. With this, he proves it again hands down.

The Boomers’ Bluff from Larry Stendebach on Vimeo.

The player doesn’t seem to embed like I want it, so please take half an hour when you can and watch this, and LISTEN. I myself am much younger than who he is addressing, but the message is clear to all of us.

Are YOU ready to Climb That Bluff? Will YOU be willing to sacrifice the easy way to save what we have all grown up to expect and appreciate?

Written by James Lee

October 19, 2010 at 02:03

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Moore Shows Her Qualifications

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A couple of days ago, a debate was held for the Kansas Third District congressional race. Stephene Moore, wife of current congressman Dennis Moore (D), is the Democrats nominee for that race.

During the debate, candidates were questioned on whether they would vote to repeal the new Health Control Law. Moore answered “No,” citing that repeal would add $1.3 Trillion to the Federal deficit.

KMBC 9 political reporter Michael Mahoney caught up with Mrs. Moore afterwards, asking where she got that figure from. Follow the link, as the embed code has been disabled to hear her thoughtful, coherent answer.

Stumbling and mental blocks aside, it occurs to me that she may have just shown the hand the Democrats might play in the event Republicans take over the Congress and push to repeal the new law. Let’s be ready for this tactic, as it has no basis in any reality any of us occupy. Don’t fall for it!

**Update** Hearing that the various Democrat campaign committees have decided to not spend any money in Kansas-3, or for the Missouri Senate race for Robin Carnahan. This means they don’t think there is much of a chance of victory in either state, or that money is better spent in other so-called “safe” districts. Either way, it’s good news for the conservative side this year.

Written by James Lee

October 8, 2010 at 08:35

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You Deserve A (Health Control) Break Today

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Via USAToday, McDonalds, Jack-in-the-Box, the State of Massachusetts, along with twenty-six other companies, have obtained waivers from some provisions of the recently enacted Health Control Law.

Tucked into the thousands of pages that, according to Madame Pelosi we had to pass to find out what was in it, were regulations mandating that provided health insurance policies must have minimal coverages.

Seems that McDonalds and other companies effected would regularly supply low-cost, albeit minimal benefit insurance policies to some of their low-wage, part-time, and entry-level employees. New regulations will raise those minimum benefits annually, thus driving up the cost of the policies. Without the waivers, they would not have been able to continue to provide this to their employees.

Says Jessica Santillo, spokeswoman for the Department of Health And Human Services:

The waivers are effective for a year and were granted to insurance plans and companies that showed that employee premiums would rise or that workers would lose coverage without them, Santillo says.

Under that criteria, if carried through, then everyone should fall under exemptions. Every study, every bit of common sense says that everyone’s premiums will rise based on the new law.

Now, I absolutely hate all the Lefties trying to equate mandated health insurance with automobile insurance, because the analogy is false. True, most if not all states mandate you must carry automobile liability insurance, but that’s only true if you choose to operate a motor vehicle on public roads. While it might be difficult to get through modern life without it, you are not required to have a car or drive anywhere.

But, for the purpose of illustration, I will use the comparison here. Since there are some out there who drive without auto insurance, we’re going to overhaul that system, including new mandates. Included in those mandates are minimum coverage amounts for collision and comprehensive, since it’s not fair that liability only won’t pay to repair your car after a crash. (After all, our Dear Leader used that himself during debates on health care.) So starting next year, you’ll have to have collision coverage for $10,000. After that, we’ll increase that minimum annually, until it reaches $25,000.

So what happens when your car is fifteen years old and is worth $1200 (and that’s after you recharge the air conditioner!)? Is that fair to make you have collision coverage for $25,000, thus making your premiums go through the roof? Or would it perhaps be more fair to group similar people, with comparable driving history and type of cars, and then charge premiums accordingly?

As I’ve said from the very beginning, there are many things can, and maybe should be done to the health care system. There were supposedly 30 million or so people who had no insurance. Any business worth their salt would be attempting to find ways to bring in at least some of that 30 million new customers, right? The problem, in my opinion, is largely due to excessive regulations already on the table. Each state has up to now set their own regulations on how companies can operate, and I suspect a lot of those regulations make it very unprofitable to chase after those new customers.

So let’s get rid of this idiotic takeover attempt, and have a real, honest study and discussion on how the existing system can be improved. As these waivers prove, the government will be the one deciding who gets what and for how much. I don’t think very many of us actually want that.

Written by James Lee

October 7, 2010 at 11:08

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Jacob Turk For Congress (MO-5)

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In the upcoming midterm elections, I will be supporting Jacob Turk, the Republican running to oust Democrat Emmanuel Cleaver from Missouri’s 5th Congressional District.

Check out his website, look around, and learn his stances on the issues facing us today. With a history as a small business owner, he knows what its like to actually have to make a budget, work payroll, and most importantly, the impact of taxes and regulations.

Many believe that the 5th District is a lost cause for a Republican candidate. Apparently, Kansas City doesn’t even have a Republican Party office (by contrast, I understand that San Fransisco has four!). I hope that is wrong, but it will take every voter we can get turning out on election day. Head down to his headquarters, 100-B SW 3rd Street, in Lees Summit, MO. Pick up a yard sign, make a donation, and lets do all we can to help.

If there was ever an election cycle to dump a Progressive Liberal Democrat like Mr. Cleaver, this is it. Unless, of course, you like the idea of your elected representative believing you need to be lectured to at a fifth grade level.

Written by James Lee

October 6, 2010 at 17:38

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FINALLY! Politician Speaks Truth

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I’ve been dying to hear a politician, any politician, say what Linda McMahon said during a recent debate with Dick Blumenthal.

“Government does not create jobs.”

That is the absolute truth, and God bless McMahon for saying it.

Well, in one hundred percent honesty, the government can create jobs. A few, here and there, to be sure, but they are jobs. Bureaucrats, agency staff, military personnel, and to be honest, firefighters and police. But those are not the jobs that will grow the economy, increase standards of living, or lead to any long-term sustainability. Granted, the police, firefighters, and military jobs will protect the jobs that will, but the bureaucrats and government agencies will more often than not threaten them.

I get so sick to death of hearing, especially from Democrats, that Republicans are rewarding companies that “ship jobs overseas.” I honestly have yet to hear a coherent reason, in any form, of how they are doing that.

Here’s a fact: A company is in business to make a profit. That is their reason for existence. Someone, or a group of someones (sometimes known by the demonic title of “corporation”) has an idea for a product or service that someone wants. They decide that they will make widgets to sell on the open market. They also decide that since it costs, counting x-number of employees running the assembly line, raw materials that will eventually be molded into widgets, the cost of shipping those raw materials to the factory, and the trucks that will carry the widgets to your local WalMart will cost, broken down per unit, about $2.50 each. So if they can sell each widget at $4 each, and sell a million of them, they company, er, evil corporation, will make $150 Million at the end of the day.

Now, lets throw some other factors in there. Now Washington DC wants to add taxes to that $150 Million, because that’s windfall profits. And, by the way, you have to provide full-ride Health Control Insurance to every single one of those poor, downtrodden workers making those cheap-ass widgets you’re so proud of. Not to mention the Union Wages all those workers are demanding, now the cost of making each widget comes up to about $3.75. And it ain’t the Republicans doing that! Now, either you raise the cost of each widget to $6 each, or you find somewhere else to make them that won’t put those extra demands on the profit margins. Gee, you think China or Taiwan demands you pay thousands of dollars a year for Blue Cross Full Coverage for factory workers? What to do, what to do….?

I’ve said it before, and I’ll say it again: CUT CORPORATE TAX RATES, as low as you possibly can, and preferably to zero. You do that, drop that stupid Health Control Insurance mandate, and you will see companies flocking to our shores, providing long-term jobs, massive economic growth, and a higher standard of living for everyone.

The Government is not the answer.

Written by James Lee

October 5, 2010 at 20:24

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Christine O’Donnell: I’m Not A Witch

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It’s a good ad, and makes it hard to paint her as some outside-the-normal ‘extremist’ or ‘kook.’

The “I’m not a witch” line comes, of course, from an old clip of Maher’s “Politically Incorrect” where some discussion led to her saying she’d dabbled a little in witchcraft in high school with someone she’d been dating. And, predictably, the lamestream attack media is using it in an attempt to form opinions of her.

Her Primary victory over Castle is one of the high marks of the Tea Party movement. We are sick of the Establishment, from either side, trying to put two bad choices in front of us and make us vote for the lesser of two evils. I know, Libertarians have been arguing that for decades, but in my opinion a Libertarian vote is nothing more than a symbolic protest in an entrenched two-party system.

Now, she faces an uphill fight against the Democrat Coons in a liberal part of the country. As it stands now, she’s behind. But, with four weeks to go, anything can happen.

My complaint here is it almost seems like she’s doing too much “damage control.” Even when they first started playing the PI clip, and the “witch” charge started making its way around the interwebby thing, I really thought the best way to handle it would be to embrace it and run with it.

She should use the “Bewitched” theme music in an ad (and should have done that within a week of the charge), or as Rush Limbaugh just said a few moments ago, twitch her nose at the end of the ad. Somehow channel Elizabeth Montgomery. How many of us grew up watching that show, and knew Samantha was no threat to anyone? I think this tactic would have not only taken the teeth out of the original clip, it would have shown a sense of humor, and simultaneously showing how bitter, sniping, and petty her detractors are.

Would I be wrong there?

Written by James Lee

October 5, 2010 at 12:19

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The iN Word, Coming Your Way

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Starting today, BlogTalkRadio will never be the same.

LandMine Billy and JoeDan Gorman team up to bring their unique brand of commentary to the political interwebs. Billy, an outspoken, very blunt Conservative Black man, is well known to talk radio listeners in Kansas City. JoeDan of will add his Kentucky country-boy commentary.

Test broadcast starts today, and will then start its regular schedule on Wednesday nights, and podcasts will be available as well.

Come join the fun!

Written by James Lee

October 4, 2010 at 13:18

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