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Jacob Turk For Congress (MO-5)

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In the upcoming midterm elections, I will be supporting Jacob Turk, the Republican running to oust Democrat Emmanuel Cleaver from Missouri’s 5th Congressional District.

Check out his website, look around, and learn his stances on the issues facing us today. With a history as a small business owner, he knows what its like to actually have to make a budget, work payroll, and most importantly, the impact of taxes and regulations.

Many believe that the 5th District is a lost cause for a Republican candidate. Apparently, Kansas City doesn’t even have a Republican Party office (by contrast, I understand that San Fransisco has four!). I hope that is wrong, but it will take every voter we can get turning out on election day. Head down to his headquarters, 100-B SW 3rd Street, in Lees Summit, MO. Pick up a yard sign, make a donation, and lets do all we can to help.

If there was ever an election cycle to dump a Progressive Liberal Democrat like Mr. Cleaver, this is it. Unless, of course, you like the idea of your elected representative believing you need to be lectured to at a fifth grade level.

Written by James Lee

October 6, 2010 at 17:38

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  1. […] Forget about your witches, bitches, Rubios and Franks, if this actually happens, and it may, this will be the story next Wednesday morning after the election dust settles. […]

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