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Establishment Still Doesn’t Get It. Murkycowski Attacks Free Speech

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In a chilling development in the Alaskan Senate race, Lysa proves first hand why one of the main concerns of the Tea Party movement is taking on the Establishment. At Hot Air, Ed details her and her campaigns attempts to bitterly cling to the power she has already lost.

After running a contest to get Alaskans to add themselves to a list of write-in candidates for the Senate race, Lisa Murkowski’s ad buyer threatened to get the FCC involved in Dan Fagan’s “electioneering” — and got him taken off the air.

As I have said before, this ‘revolution’ is not about Republican versus Democrat. This is about the Constitution and American values. I don’t want this sort of behavior coming from anyone, but especially don’t want this coming from “my” side of the aisle.

All this episode is is a conniption fit by a spoiled brat who seems to think its her “right” to do anything she wants to keep her power. That is not how this nation works. The voters in Alaska, right or wrong, made their decision about her in the Primary. She can, following the applicable laws, refile and run as a third party, or write in, depending on the exact laws of the state in question. Joe Lieberman did exactly that a few years ago after losing his primary to the Move-On crowd.

But this intimidation, arm twisting, and threatening by her campaign simply proves, at least to me, that the primary voters in Alaska were right in the first place.

This should also be a warning to all the Republicans who are about to win in what will be a tidal wave bloodbath on Tuesday. Watch your backs, Republicans, do the right thing, and remember what you promised you would do. Otherwise, you will be the target next time around.

Written by James Lee

October 30, 2010 at 11:09

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