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Midterm Election Prediction

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Just to put it in pixels, so that when and if I’m right, I can smartly say “I told you so!”

I don’t claim to have any special insight, and don’t spend a lot of time crunching poll numbers and demographics of the various races throughout the nation. These numbers are pretty much out of my mind, and truth be told, maybe I’m just out of my mind anyway.

Others are predicting anywhere from 50, to over 100 flips, and very few are actually predicting the Senate to flip.

So, here they are:

House: Total of 78 Republican pickups. But, I would happily trade at least 30 of those pickups for a win by Jacob Turk in Mo-5.

Senate: I predict 9 Republican pickups. Probably a little overly optimistic, however, I strongly believe Christine O’Donnell is going to do much better than anyone thinks right now.

So, after tomorrow night, or after the weeks of recounts, litigation, and ACORN manipulation, when I am found to be totally off base, you can point at me and laugh.

Anyone else have any numbers they’d like to commit to now?

Written by James Lee

November 1, 2010 at 15:35

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