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Wow. Just WOW.

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Yid With Lid posts about the most insane thing I’ve read yet about the state of elections and maturity level of elected officials yet. Democrat Congressman Driehaus seems to think he shouldn’t have lost the election in November:

Driehaus is blaming the pro-life group Susan B. Anthony List for his shellacking in November, going so far as to sue the PAC in federal court for “character defamation” and “depriving him of his livelihood.”

Go click over, and check out the details and specifics of the charges he is trying to level. And help out that site if you at all can.

But I’m thinking Christine O’Donnell might be able to use similar tactics to take out that assclown Bill Maher, if this works. Which, honestly, I hope and pray it does not.

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December 20, 2010 at 21:57

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Have Yourself a PC Little Wintertime

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Just in time for your Holiday pleasure, the parody songs making fun of everything Politically Correct continue to roll out.

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December 17, 2010 at 14:20

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Twenty One

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Today, 21 Years ago, the most wonderful thing that ever happened in my life happened. Happy Birthday, E. You are thought of every day, and loved by more than you know. I have written a lot more about this day, but will show it only to you. Love you!

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December 15, 2010 at 01:27

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Glenn Stevens Cleared in Versailles

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I’m hearing on the way home tonight that that Raymore, Missouri, resident Glenn Stevens, arrested back in July, has had all charges dropped in Versailles, Missouri.

As I had written earlier
, reports appeared to point to a case of mistaken identity. The Prosecution in question refused to budge in light of apparent proof that Mr. Stevens had been in Kansas City, including ATM and dinner receipts.

KCTV Channel 5 started a news investigation into the situation. To recap, a partial license plate apparently led authorities to Mr. Stevens, and “witnesses” supposedly identified him from his own driver’s license photo showed to them by a local police officer.

A newly elected prosecutor reviewed the security tapes, and, coupled with the other evidence, concluded that Mr. Stevens was not the man they were looking for. Charges have been dropped in Morgan County, MO, and his attorneys believe the other two jurisdictions in question will follow suit, considering their cases were based on information from Versailles.

It appears that justice will prevail here. The sad situation is that it took six months and a major TV News investigation shining the light to reveal the truth. A toast to KCTV 5 for not letting this story go.

As for the actual thieves, they would still be out there. If you know anything about who they may actually be, please contact your local authorities with the information.

The 10 pm newscast will be airing this story. Will update with a link to that as soon as possible.

Written by James Lee

December 13, 2010 at 21:27

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Wrongful Arrest, Travesty of Justice

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Everyone, especially everyone in the Midwest United States, needs to go here, watch the story, and most definitely look at the surveillance photos from WalMart.

To recap: Glenn Stevens, in an apparent case of mistaken identity and overzealous law enforcement, has been arrested by three different jurisdictions, the last two being on the information from the first, for robbing Wal Mart stores around the Midwest. Didn’t seem to matter that he appears to have absolute proof that he was in Kansas City, over 150 miles away from Versailles when the alleged robbery occurred.

So watch the report, and please look at the slide show showing surveillance photos of the actual suspects. If you know who any of those people are, please contact your local authorities with the information. An innocent man’s freedom and reputation may be what you save.

The main allegation against him comes from a small town. I myself come from a small town, and I know how ‘outsiders’ are looked at. Members of the police force or Sheriff’s department are likely well-known to most citizens around, possibly considered friends, old buddies, and what-not. If the guy who drove you and your date to the Senior Prom, now a police sergeant, claims they have evidence of a man’s guilt, would you necessarily doubt them?

I don’t know anyone in Versailles, to the best of my knowledge. And perhaps they are honestly acting with the best of intentions based on information they have, or believe they have. But it appears to me, from this report, and hearing the TV reporter at the link above, the Stevens themselves, and their attorney, on a local radio program this evening, that serious mistakes may have been made.

Those in positions of authority have an obligation here. If they have made hasty mistakes, those mistakes should be corrected immediately. If there is actual proof that Mr. Stevens is involved, that also should be brought up, and acted upon.

Until then, please, everyone, especially those in the midwest: Pass that link to everyone you can, get everyone you know to take a look at those photos. Someone knows who they are, and can give information that can bring them to justice, and perhaps clear an innocent man.

Written by James Lee

December 7, 2010 at 00:48

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Claire The Populist Pitchfork

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Looks like our favorite Senator from Missouri is dusting off the old populist class-warfare tactic, hoping to secure her reelection next cycle.

Via Gateway Pundit:

She seems so righteously outraged, doesn’t she?

Listen, you little Twit: It is not your job to ‘punish’ the rich people, and attempt to buy your own popularity by giving it to us. YOUR job is to protect, defend, and uphold the constitution, not to wheel and deal your way to more and more power at our expense.

I know, you’ve never taken an ‘earmark,’ and for that I give credit. Now if the rest of you Washington Nitwits would do the same, we might have a chance at changing things. But supporting things like Health Control and Crap&Betrayed are worse than earmarks in my opinion.

And just so you know, Claire, you do not “give” the rich, or anyone else, for that matter, one thin dime by cutting taxes, (or in this case keeping tax rates where they are currently) it simply means you are stealing less from them.

As for ‘not getting it’ with the Tea Parties and anger at the town hall meetings, it’s obvious you dont’ get it either. We are sick of you and your colleagues power brokering games, the class warfare, and wealth redistribution. We are sick of you all trying to pit one group of us against the other.

As for the masses with the pitchforks, the so-called ‘rich’ you rail so mightily against would not be the target of those tines: It would be those who continue to defy the will of the American people to have a smaller, more efficient, and honest government. People like you.

To answer the question you posed at one of the “angry” town hall meetings last year: No, we don’t trust you! 2012 is closer than you think.

UPDATE: Ed has more on this at Hot Air.

Written by James Lee

December 4, 2010 at 10:50

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