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Wrongful Arrest, Travesty of Justice

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Everyone, especially everyone in the Midwest United States, needs to go here, watch the story, and most definitely look at the surveillance photos from WalMart.

To recap: Glenn Stevens, in an apparent case of mistaken identity and overzealous law enforcement, has been arrested by three different jurisdictions, the last two being on the information from the first, for robbing Wal Mart stores around the Midwest. Didn’t seem to matter that he appears to have absolute proof that he was in Kansas City, over 150 miles away from Versailles when the alleged robbery occurred.

So watch the report, and please look at the slide show showing surveillance photos of the actual suspects. If you know who any of those people are, please contact your local authorities with the information. An innocent man’s freedom and reputation may be what you save.

The main allegation against him comes from a small town. I myself come from a small town, and I know how ‘outsiders’ are looked at. Members of the police force or Sheriff’s department are likely well-known to most citizens around, possibly considered friends, old buddies, and what-not. If the guy who drove you and your date to the Senior Prom, now a police sergeant, claims they have evidence of a man’s guilt, would you necessarily doubt them?

I don’t know anyone in Versailles, to the best of my knowledge. And perhaps they are honestly acting with the best of intentions based on information they have, or believe they have. But it appears to me, from this report, and hearing the TV reporter at the link above, the Stevens themselves, and their attorney, on a local radio program this evening, that serious mistakes may have been made.

Those in positions of authority have an obligation here. If they have made hasty mistakes, those mistakes should be corrected immediately. If there is actual proof that Mr. Stevens is involved, that also should be brought up, and acted upon.

Until then, please, everyone, especially those in the midwest: Pass that link to everyone you can, get everyone you know to take a look at those photos. Someone knows who they are, and can give information that can bring them to justice, and perhaps clear an innocent man.

Written by James Lee

December 7, 2010 at 00:48

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