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Glenn Stevens Cleared in Versailles

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I’m hearing on the way home tonight that that Raymore, Missouri, resident Glenn Stevens, arrested back in July, has had all charges dropped in Versailles, Missouri.

As I had written earlier
, reports appeared to point to a case of mistaken identity. The Prosecution in question refused to budge in light of apparent proof that Mr. Stevens had been in Kansas City, including ATM and dinner receipts.

KCTV Channel 5 started a news investigation into the situation. To recap, a partial license plate apparently led authorities to Mr. Stevens, and “witnesses” supposedly identified him from his own driver’s license photo showed to them by a local police officer.

A newly elected prosecutor reviewed the security tapes, and, coupled with the other evidence, concluded that Mr. Stevens was not the man they were looking for. Charges have been dropped in Morgan County, MO, and his attorneys believe the other two jurisdictions in question will follow suit, considering their cases were based on information from Versailles.

It appears that justice will prevail here. The sad situation is that it took six months and a major TV News investigation shining the light to reveal the truth. A toast to KCTV 5 for not letting this story go.

As for the actual thieves, they would still be out there. If you know anything about who they may actually be, please contact your local authorities with the information.

The 10 pm newscast will be airing this story. Will update with a link to that as soon as possible.

Written by James Lee

December 13, 2010 at 21:27

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  1. I want a picture of the cop that showed Glenn’s picture to the witness. I want that picture shown to crime witnesses until someone says “yeah, that’s the guy who did it”. Then I want the cop to get his chance to “prove his innocence in court”.

    I also want that cop to lose his job and never be allowed to be a cop again. Everyone who’s watched a decent cop show knows you aren’t allowed to just show a witness the picture of the guy you think it is; you have to add at least five other pictures of people of similar appearance, with nothing to set one picture apart from the others. Furthermore, the cop who put that photo “lineup” together, who knows which picture is of the suspect, should not be where the witness can see him while examining the pictures. This is what scientists call “double blind” experimentation, carefully constructed to prevent any subtle communication of expectations to the witness.

    Anything less can be shot down by a halfway-competent defense attorney, which means that a cop that cuts corners and just shows one picture to a witness has ruined the value of that witness forever by tainting their testimony. LIS, he has no business being a law-enforcement officer anywhere after pulling a stunt like that.

    The Monster

    December 14, 2010 at 10:25

    • All correct! I suspect, as I put in the original post, that this is more prone to small-town settings. Probably not more than a small handful of people even fit the description, and most of those would likely be known to any such witnesses. Of course, photo spreads can be taken from anywhere, especially in these days of the internet.

      James Lee

      December 14, 2010 at 10:31

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