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Clicks for your Coffee 8 Jan 2011

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Returning for your clicking pleasure, some amusing and outrageous stories to start your day!

First, from Yid With Lid, guess who can be blamed for the Democrats losing the House? You got it…


From Cubachi, details on how a D-List “comedienne” has become a boring parody of herself. And no one cares.


A little good news, courtesy of Bloomberg News from Congressman Ryan. States need to pursue fiscal policy that keeps them from going over budget in the first place.


From Hot Air, Sarah Palin throws Obama’s hypocrisy back at him concerning the debt ceiling. Allahpundit doesn’t take it seriously, as no one really thinks Obama was ever serious about reducing the debt, only grandstanding for politics. Doesn’t matter to me, I’m one who thinks everyone should say what they mean and mean what they say, and stick to their principles. Exceptions, however, can be granted if new information is available, or some event causes one to learn, grow, and change their opinion. That does not include political expediency, though.


Wonder if President Obama will report Kentucky to the UN if this passes and becomes law? Will Holder sue? Will California boycott? Heaven forbid that active law actually gets enforced by proper authorities.


Nothing to click here, just an observation. I’m not a football fan in the least, and am always turned off by how prevalent football talk is during season, especially in a football town like Kansas City. Initially, I’m sort of hoping the Chiefs get clobbered by Baltimore on Sunday in their first playoff game in a good many years, so they’ll shut up about it already. On the other hand, though, I sort hope they don’t, as every city or region needs something to be proud of and cheer for. So, while I don’t care, I guess, I hope it works out for Kansas City.

Have a great weekend, everyone!

Written by James Lee

January 8, 2011 at 06:00

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