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Clicks for Your Coffee 13 Jan 2011

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Who knew the European nations have some of the same problems we do here? At least Italy is trying to do something about it.


Yeah. THIS is an answer. You don’t like Sarah Palin making “death threats,” so the obvious answer is to make death threats. Good. How’s that working out for ya?


From KGUN TV, Loughner’s former girlfriend speaks out. Look, we all know someone who is a little, shall we say, “different?” Someone who operates on just a little bit different wavelength than most of us? It doesn’t automatically make them killers, or anything else. And this young woman should not be blamed for anything. It appears that Loughner appealed to her at one point, before he lost his mind completely. And she walked away when things got too strange.


There is a serious problem on and just beyond our southern border. Maybe we can’t affect the internal workings down there, but stronger security on our own border would help keep that sort of mayhem from our own citizens.


Ace throws a few cents towards the Memorial Service Debacle. Which seemed to be even a bigger, more worthless, more self serving debacle than I even gave credit for.


And for his part, the idiot Sheriff needs to go the hell away. Somehow, I get the feeling of Rosco P!!! Coltrane, or Sheriff Lobo when I see this idiot speaking.


Oh for God’s Sake. Is there anything this guy doesn’t screw up?

Written by James Lee

January 13, 2011 at 02:36

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