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Surely He Can’t Be THAT Stupid? (Or, “What If Palin Said It?”)

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From Via Hot Air:

The House, the Senate, and the President?

You know, I’m sort of one to understand that there’s a lot of thoughts and talking points that any public official has to remember any time they are on TV or being interviewed, and misspeaks and stumbles are to be expected. How many of us have walked away from some conversation, only to think “Man, I should have said that” just ten minutes later?

But this is a man who is trusted with uncountable amounts of our money, and has a say in how the country operates. And the Three Branches is simple, basic 7th Grade civics! Still, he is correct in the context he’s talking about, the budget and debt debate that will be coming, the House and Senate will have to hash it out, and the President will have to go along; or veto, and they can start over. Either way, the Judiciary generally doesn’t get involved in budget debates.

So while I’m sort of tempted to be “fair” and give him a (conditional) pass, I think I might be done with that.

Can you imagine the reaction if Sarah Palin had said the exact same phrase? That’s what I thought.

Written by James Lee

January 31, 2011 at 14:26

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